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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 2220 Forecast

Instructions and Help about Form 2220 Forecast

Friday February 15th 6:00 a.m. mountain time 2022 guys in this video we're gonna take a look at the weather conditions in the northern and southern hemisphere where we're starting to see some cyclones and break out down around Australia that's the last thing they need after the recent flooding that they've been dealing with in some areas over six feet of rain in about ten days I'm going to show you some pictures that are absolutely mind-blowing but first we're looking at the atmospheric River in the northern hemisphere we talked about this earlier in the week here is a good look at this atmospheric River and it did bring a lot of rain to the west coast and Arizona up into Nevada parts of Utah obviously California here's a video clip from California this was sent in by a friend Richard from San Bernardino and you can see some flash flooding occurring at this intersection you can see water flowing right there several inches of rain fell in a short period of time during this atmospheric River Event and it's not done yet what you're looking at is a current image I meant to go 17 right now is there a current satellite loop and that's the atmospheric River we talked about that earlier this week this is the storm that brought 191 mile an hour wind gusts to the top of Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii several reports of downed power lines a lot of coastal damage associated with this when it was a low pressure made a turn became an atmospheric River and now it's dumping copious rainfall and snowfall totals in the Sierra Nevadas measurable in feet several feet at that so a lot of moisture being brought into the United States courtesy of this atmospheric River now we're going to go down to the southern hemisphere back down to Australia whether it's just been a lot going on down there lately and I mean to tell you it is hitting very very hard we're here at ABC not you and it goes on to say why has the ground and started burning on an Outback cattle station and I'm going to show you where this cattle station is at here on Google Earth it's right here in the middle of Australia Mount Denison in this area and obviously that's the hottest part of Australia most of the population lives along the coast for obvious reasons because it does get hot in the central part of Australia however this was unusually hot so hot that when they tried to measure the the ground as it was spontaneously combusting in places it reached temperatures of 200 degrees Celsius with the thermometers that they were putting in the ground just two inches deep that's 392 degrees Fahrenheit simply unbelievable and you can see the ground a smouldering at this ranch look at that and they're calling it spontaneous combustion they were talking to geologists and they'd never seen anything like this based off those numbers I'm a numbers guy everything is numbers numbers numbers and 200 degrees Celsius at 392 degrees Fahrenheit that's just incredible absolutely incredible so it goes from ground spontaneously combusting to a mega river and bush fires the bush fires let me show you where they're at they're still burning by the way we've got this intense heatwave we've got bush fires and we've got mega floods bush fires over here on the far eastern coast and they are burning right now as I do this video flooding up here that they're still trying to recover from and then we're going to throw something else into the mix a tropical cyclone that's swirling out here off the Gold Coast we're gonna take a look at that here in just a minute but first I want to show you some images from space of a river that swelled 260 kilometers wide which is 37 miles wide that river isn't normally there and I'm going to show you some pictures of that area that's back on January 20th no River right that's the savings bacteria that I just showed you right here let's click on that picture see the big river that formed from all of the floodwaters it's trying to flow out into the Gulf of Carpentaria check this out we're gonna go back to this is called zoom earth and we're going to step it forward and you'll see over the course of time the storms moving in dropping all of this rain seriously in some areas I read I'll have to find the articles I don't have them queued up right now where there were eighteen hundred and sixteen hundred millimeters of rainfall over the course of like ten days that's six feet almost six feet of rain in some places again just unbelievable so now we're February 2nd February 3rd February 4th and you're going to see after these clouds move out of the way you're gonna see a giant 37 mile wide river look at that unbelievable and we're gonna measure that here at least get an approximate length I know it's 37 miles wide that's what the the article said and it lasted they're calling it a mega River and in fact I think that's what this article is calling this a mega River suddenly appeared in North Queensland and let's go back to numbers we like numbers right so let's go to Google Earth go to that area and this is where the River formed and we're gonna show you what 60 kilometers wide at least looks like it's 37 miles let's measure it in kilometers and we're going to go right here this is where the river is at we're gonna measure the 67 kilometers I'm sorry 60 kilometers right there look how wide that was 60 kilometers the population over here was sparse there's not too many people here however there is.

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