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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 2220 Historical

Instructions and Help about Form 2220 Historical

Marek we see is a lecture on African history fashion and culture both ancient and modern she presents an exciting and dynamic slide presentation lecturer and fashion production based on her extensive research and travel on the African continent sister quasi complements her studies with an intense desire to uncover and disclose the African origin of many of the areas that have now been manipulated to victimize us today she has been a speaker for organization study groups and universities including the Kim it new know thyself educational tour in Egypt the United States Air Force Base in Tokyo Japan people for universal consciousness and Hamilton Bermuda Knapp see the National Alliance for black school educators asked at the Association for the study of classical African civilization United African movement in New York City North Carolina A&T University at Greensboro North Carolina Northwestern University in Evanston Illinois and many other organizations and colleges throughout the United States in this videotape you're about to view titled advertising the attack on the African image mera quasi will unmask the facade of the advertising industry to expose the innovations symbols and African roots of many of the concepts utilized by the corporate world today the result is information that is both shocking and revealing vo is 503 this is rhythm 102.3 pjl H the front page your early warning communications drum for all of Southern California is now wide open I'm Carl Nelson this morning going to take a look at the cultural destruction of Africa as seen through fashions joining us in our studio is lecture Marie Rocco AC and would have called speak to Marty Ron's 1-800 286 KJ LH Oh welcome to the front page oh thank you brother Carl I'm happy to be here today what made you wanted to get into this study of our fashions because it seems like everybody is into our fashions there now is well actually if we look at it historically and do the research we find that much of what we know today as fashion actually comes from African people I got into it in traveling with my husband a Shah quasi and also dr. Joseph in Yochanan in the Nile Valley and they tell you to go back and research so you can resurrect your ancestors and so when I came back that's what I decided to do and since I was already involved in the fashion area I decided to look there okay what sort of stuff that we've seen today that that started back in I guess ancient Egypt and that's now being worn today but and been I guess appropriated by Europeans okay when we look at it historically in my presentation that I do deals with it from a historical basis it's also visually documented and what I do is detail the symbols the Styles the practices that have been copied desecrated and manipulated throughout the years but like I said most of them come from African people because fashion is an area in which we see visual imagery through symbolism and Europeans have taken these images and use them to increase their self-esteem while decreasing ours but many brothers and sisters today may not realize that what we actually know today as factually fashion comes from African people although it's in a European distorted mindset format as we see it and many brothers may think that in dealing with fashion that we're dealing with something lightweight something only for the sisters but when we look at African fashion it's um it's a way of communicating and it indicates social status cultural group age religion economic status and even power in fact as many brothers and sisters are getting dressed for work this morning the styles and practices that they use today actually came out of ancient Egypt for example many brothers are now shaving the razors the tweezers came out of ancient Egypt many sisters are taking those curlers out of their hair right now hair curlers came out of ancient Egypt and date back over 3,000 years ago they're all so many of them are putting on makeup using cosmetics that too was developed in ancient over 4,000 years ago and what we find today is also the application practices that they use in terms of the makeup also to came out of Africa in terms of the makeup as I was saying the the sisters will that dates back from ancient times and the application techniques that we use date back to ancient times - but in Europe in the 16th and 17th century cosmetics were used to cover up the scars that they had from diseases and when those cosmetics didn't work they ended up having to use masks and so we find that we were the forerunners in terms of fashion we set the standards so long before vulgar and long before glamour you know we we set the standards for beauty so what you're saying is they basically are the stuff that the women are wearing today and I'm getting the cosmetic stuff I guess the eyeliners in the blush and the lipstick and that kind of stuff we were using that right right used coal around the eyes to shield the eyes from the inundation of the of the wealth from the Rays of the Sun during the inundation of the Nile and that became an everyday practice because sisters began to realize that of this sub eye makeup made them look really good and so it became an everyday practice another thing and I call this the most revolutionary step that you can make every day the underpants came from us and on many brothers and sisters as they're getting ready they're stepping into their underpants right now and that too goes back to ancient Egypt because I have a terracotta figure from edfu and Egypt dating back over 3,000 years ago showing the underpants but in Europe.

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