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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 2220 Iii

Instructions and Help about Form 2220 Iii

The resilience form the way of the my NOC the first and most basic description of sri su was provided in the fight sabre article written by David West Reynolds and Jack Bobo and published in Star Wars insider 27 the version I'm presenting here is slightly abridged the third great lightsaber discipline was first developed in response to the advancement of blaster technology in the galaxy as these weapons spread widely into the hands of evildoers Jedi had to develop unique means of defending themselves form 3 thus arose from laser blast deflection training over the centuries it has transcended this origin to become a highly refined expression of non aggressive Jedi philosophy form 3 maximizes defensive protection in a style characterized by tight efficient movements that expose minimal target area compared to the relatively open style of some of the other forms true form 3 masters are considered invincible as described in the Jedi path Surrey so is the most inward directed of all forms you are to be the comb eye of the storm as your enemies rage about you the core discipline of Surrey su was for all intents and purposes the core discipline behind Jedi philosophy taking the concepts laid out by Shi Chao and refining them where XI Cho was wild Sri su was tranquil he doesn't even need to reach into the force he has already left the force reach into him the force flows over him and around him as though he is stepped into a crystal pure waterfall lost in the green coils of a forgotten rainforest when he opens himself to that sparkling stream it flows into him and through him and out again without the slightest interference from his conscious will the part of him that calls itself Obi Wan Kenobi is no more than a ripple and Eddy in the pool into which he endlessly pours this is why he can simply stand why he can simply wait he has no need to attack or to defend there will be battle here but he is perfectly at ease perfectly content to let the battle start when it will start and let it end when it will end just as he will let himself live or let himself die this is how a great Jedi makes war it's not for nothing that Sri soo is considered the ultimate expression of Jedi pacifism Sri Sue's physical technique is detailed in the original fight Sabre article in the Jedi path in The Revenge of the Sith novelization and many others and they all say the exact same thing it's a defense oriented martial art based around tight efficient moves intended to maximize defensive coverage effectively an expansion on the basic blast deflect training of XI Cho Surya was extremely simple in moveset and application and so restrained that it was downright passive because all of the descriptions of form 3 are so straightforward and minimal reflective of the style itself most of what can be understood of the intricacies of form 3 technique is gleaned from observation of it in action it's all that rapid transition between various static blocking positions staying perfectly centered perfectly balanced blade never moving a millimeter more than was necessary practitioners of the style could be quite agile when necessary oftentimes employing roving tactical retreats though just as often they planted themselves and held their ground as an immovable rock the main criticism of the cec technique was its lack of a proper offensive component though in my view this is only half true in the Revenge of the Sith novelization obi-wan Kenobi was described as reposting with flickering strikes and stabs swifter than the tongue of a ger Olien ghost Viper and in the Darth Bane trilogy Darth Zannah is described as following up deflection parries with quick counters this approach is clearly demonstrated in old Ben Kenobi's final duel with darth vader where he frequently engages Vader's blade and tries to slide in the tacks it's not that Sri soo has no offensive component it's that it's offensive component is completely based around reactive counter strikes it has no dedicated attack sequences the opening stance of Sri soo was first identified in the Force Unleashed novelization a back hand position facing the opponent's side on blade and off hand extended forwards towards the opponent two variations on this stance are presented the example stance in Star Wars lightsabers features the blade and offhand both extended downwards while the version presented in the Jedi path has the blade extended diagonally across the chest facing the opponent's square on the offhand still extended forwards but with the arm bent next we have the form 3 brace stance first detailed in the attack of the clones visual dictionary the blade was held in a two-handed parry position on the dominant side facing the opponent's square on with the forward leg extended off to the side mysteries of the Jedi presented a variation on this position where the swordsmen faced the opponent's side on blade held high in a drop parry position I suspect the example stance provided in the essential guide to the force is yet another variation facing the opponent almost rear words blade extended downwards alongside the head live combat maneuvers were detailed in the Jedi Academy training manual the first is the circle of shelter a twirling defensive velocity intended to create a safe zone around and behind the swordsman protecting his allies the Jedi path describes it as a moving meditation and one that can facilitate precognitive visions and foresight the other maneuver is the deflecting slash a combination defense and counter intended to deflect an incoming blaster shot and in the same movement striking the Jason target the Jedi path also describes deflecting slashes is being used to perform aimed blast deflections though this technique typically falls under the purview of form 5 Darth TRAI had this to say about Sri.

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