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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 2220 Includes

Instructions and Help about Form 2220 Includes

I met with a new client a few days ago in Calabasas and over lunch he asked me to share some prison parlance or something specific that I heard in prison and I said ok I can do that and I said to him six months to the house he said well what does that mean I said six months to the house and said IRA what does that mean I said let me say for a third time what is six months to the house seem like and he's like I don't know tell me I said alright six months to the halfway house something I frequently heard in prison were men saying that they would get started whether it would be exercise reading writing studying building a business connecting with their network whatever when they had six months to the house and of course the idea where the facts were by then if they had waited that long they were never going to get started there was no getting to the house so to speak and I frequently said what you do those first hours inside of a federal prison will set the tone for the whole journey and that's what I'm gonna talk about today for a few minutes disclosure I'm filming this from my home office I got kids it's crazy it could get loud my daughter could run in she's awesome don't know she loved feels about being on film but let's see how this goes this is an important subject so I lectured at USC on September 14th was this the September 25th September 14th one hundred and twenty fifth time I've lectured at USC since September of 2022 pretty cool welcome going back to my alma mater my book ethics in motion remains required reading in the accounting ethics business school and it was a great lecture in fact I had it filmed because I'm gonna post it potentially on YouTube but I really filmed it for my children I have a four month old son Jason big boy he's growing something I bought for him at USC he's hardly grown out of but I keep it in my office all day already grown out of this he's wearing like eight month clothes he's only four months old and my daughter of course is four so I filmed this video at USC because some day I wanted to show them what their father did why he went to prison what I learned from it for posterity so to speak and so while I'm unsure if I'm gonna post it on YouTube I know it's something I want them to see because I'm purposely speaking less despite the income that I'm giving up I've got little tired of traveling the country sharing my story the end of my lecture students in the business school asked me and I made a note of it it was a couple of days later I made this note it says created September 16 2022 at 10 a.m. I wrote at the end of student asked me I finished at SC during Q&A a student asked me to identify bad habits I created imprisoned and bad habits I gave up I've actually already filmed the video good habits I'm gonna post that probably in a couple of weeks in fact him I might not post it to the end of October and in this video I'm going to film the some bad habits that I stopped in prison and I didn't wait till I had six months to the house as the prison parlance goes with the help of Michael Santos and other mentors I started the moment that I got to prison both by choice and also because I didn't have the options in front of me so I told that this student is I tell you what some of these habits were as a disclosure all of you may be perfect I'm not indicted anyone who's watching this video I'm not saying any of you need to make changes I'm not I want to be clear about that I don't want to offer sweeping generalizations about what you may need to change the purpose of this video is to identify some habits that I changed in prison perhaps if you need to make some changes it will awaken you it will get you thinking not about how boring prison can be or letting people scare you into what life on the inside could be but rather create him some new habits and routines or as I wrote in lessons from prison I still find a way to do the shameless plug for lessons from prison which you can still get for free all these years later as I wrote in lessons from prison slow and steady wins the race think tortoise on the hare and if you can begin to cultivating creates a new habits when you get there you'll be in better shape so what was one of the first habits I gave up okay well chewing tobacco I love tobacco love it if I wasn't so obsessed with my teeth and health I'd still chew but moreover I equated tobacco to my life before prison when I was down and out fighting my case the lawyers the embarrassment the shame the press releases I would tend to wallow in pity when denial didn't do the fix and I wasn't a drinker and I didn't do you know drugs I just love chewing tobacco Redman specifically I started chewing tobacco in high school I chew tobacco while on the baseball team at USC it was encouraged even though if it wasn't allowed and I remember while fighting my case some days while stressed or playing golf I would thrown a huge wad of tobacco and I just loved the feel of it and I knew when I went to prison I had to give it.

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