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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 2220 Index

Instructions and Help about Form 2220 Index

Bjbj armour bond adhesive line offers performance ease-of-use and variety in both flexibility and packaging sizes armored bond is a high-performance two-part polyurethane adhesive that forms a strong urethane bond in a short period of time unlike other systems that are either too runny or use fillers to prevent material sag our armored bond is self thickening without the use of fillers which means more strength and less runoff ensuring the best bond possible when dispensed from the handheld dispense gun through the mix tube you'll discover bjb has formulated a nice balance of usable work time while still remaining a quick set time for part handling this way you can achieve better production output without having to wait for the glue to cure available in flexible semi flex and rigid versions our bond is offered in 50 milliliter cartridges 200 milliliter cartridges and bulk packaging depending on your application needs armored bond is manufactured packaged boxed and shipped from be JB's facility under strict iso 9001 specifications so you're assured a quality product with a known shelf-life armored bond flex is a 70 sha rate material that exhibits excellent bond strength to be JB saw fewer thing products as well as fabrics flex foams and other substrates its unique due to its flexibility and ability to stretch with materials instead of cracking or breaking like other adhesives semi flex armor bond is like a Goldilocks approach not too flexible but not too rigid either it is a 55 shorty hardest material that exhibits excellent bond strength while maintaining high shock resistance this system has been popular in foam armor cosplay suits automotive and aerospace as well as many general market applications where extra toughness is needed armor bond rigid answers the need for a strong stiff adhesive that cures quickly against a wide variety of substrates at 70 Shirdi it holds rigid substrates tight but has just enough shock resistance to avoid being brittle it is proven useful for everything from bonding 3d printed plastics composite structures wood metal and so much more to use armor bond simply place the cartridge in the dispensed gun remove the end cap attach the locking mix tube dispense a small waste shot to ensure proper flow and mix then proceed to apply adhesive you'll have enough working time to align or reposition parts before the glue starts to setup typically the parts are ready to handle within 5 to 10 minutes thickness of the bond line and concentrated mass of adhesive determined tailing strength and ultimate cure once you are done dispensing and if there's still material left in the cartridges you can simply leave the mix tip on and allow the adhesive to cure in the tube for storage purposes this forms a good seal preventing remaining material from going bad in the cartridges simply remove the used mix tip and attach a new one to continue using the cartridge if you don't have a dispense gun you can manually dispense a small amount of adhesive using the manual plunger and hand mix like you would any other one-to-one system this method also works if you're mixing small of adhesive and don't want to use up a mixed tube visit BJ B's website to learn more about the armored bond adhesive line and remember next time you need to stick things together don't just bond it armor bonded.

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