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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 2220 Individuals

Instructions and Help about Form 2220 Individuals

Here is a recent computer that was given to me I was tasked with the wonderful job of removing a virus late in Windows 8 installation this is the Aizu s-- e 222 i all-in-one pc and the first order of business will be cleaning up this filthy touchscreen this is a touchscreen all-in-one PC and just a brief feature overview you have an infrared remote sensor here plus and minus buttons as well as a menu button for use with configuring the display settings and I believe that since we have stereo speakers here which don't sound all that bad a hard drive indicator light three USB connections two of which are USB 3.0 a Gigabit Ethernet card built-in two HDMI outputs and the DC input which is for use with this AC adapter which is model number PA - 1 1 - 1 - 2 8 still has the protective plastic coating on here doesn't feel all that cheap and uses just a barrel type connector like what you'd find on a laptop or netbook PC Tama button is over on the right side of the PC as is the DVD multi recorder optical drive it's interesting how this set up I'm really not sure what this indentation is for and over on this side are two more USB 3.0 ports a stereo headphone output and a stereo microphone input which doesn't look to be a line level input as well microphone only so you'd have to use an attenuator cable and an SD MMC card slot as well see mode and some sort of a menu button here whose functionality it is still a mystery to me I decided to take the liberty of firing up a think pad here and reviewing the specifications of this particular computer which has a 21 and a half inch Full 1080p LED backlit display a third gen intel core processor with Turbo Boost 2.0 asus asus sonic master technology who improved audio clarity volume and detailed audio we'll have to see how well that actually performs the mention of an HDMI input is curious as I believe if that's if I'm reading that correctly you can use this computer at a display for a gaming console a blu-ray player or any other HDMI enabled device so that will prove to be very interesting perhaps even useful to some people who have limited space for a separate monitor for gaming applications blu-ray players you name it another thing a trend here seems every time this think pad makes an appearance the battery is next to completely depleted I just can't bring myself to remember to charge this thing when I probably should it shipped with an NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 m with one gigabyte of onboard memory 2 gigabytes all the way up to eat gigabytes of ddr3 1600 megahertz ram 500 up to 200 or rather 2 terabyte SATA hard drives perhaps even a 64 gigabyte SSD if it's so equipped so this will prove to be very interesting to see the actual specifications of this machine I'm going to do now is connect up that DC power plug to this computer power it up for the first time and see what I actually am dealing with power buttons on this side so we'll have to see now what happens when we power this on looks like we have an LED light over there ok something seems to be happening we've got a backlit display ok hmm okay that's gonna be interesting somebody's definitely been here been in here prior to my being tasked with this repair so looks like I'll have to disassemble this computer once more this is why I cannot stand computers I'd use this form factor because they're fantastic when you first get them and everything's working just fine but as time progresses and let's say if component fails or something needs to replace or upgraded well it is to say the least a cumbersome experience the hard drive is located beneath here the RAM is located beneath here there's no easy access to it I need to lift up this entire cover which is obscuring access to the RAM and the rest of the motherboard somebody was most definitely in here poking around where they probably shouldn't have been got some loose screws there these connections have been slightly mangled hopefully they work just fine I haven't been able to test the USB 3.0 ports and any other various IO ports that were present on the side of this machine that will prove to be interesting but now what I need to do is remove it looks to be one two three four we've got five six seven eight nine probably some more screws under here and beneath that metal plate is the hard drive a Western Digital blue one terabyte model 64 megabytes of cache and that looks to be January 6th of 2022 was when this was manufactured so not even two years old yet but now I had to remove that cover just to gain access to the to what I believe to be two screws no maybe only a single screw which I need to be able to remove to get rid of this play here which will hopefully allow me to gain access to the RAM a total of 12 screws have been removed from this guard and all goes well we should be able to very gently pry this and coax it away from at resting position on top of these components and I spy the RAM much until want to do that I spy the RAM module Samus doesn't look to have anything connected to it so I can safely disregard it for now let's see the RAM here could just be a matter of needing to reseed it who really knows two gigabytes of PC 3 Samsung Ram made in Philippines the owner thought that giving.

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