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Instructions and Help about Form 2220 Loading

Music welcome to the image-pro graph printer driver advanced classroom click advanced settings beside the get information button in the paper detailed settings dialog box you can set drying time roll paper margin cut speed and mirror drying time specifies the time that the printer waits for the ink to dry as needed roll paper margin for safety specifies the length of a margin on the leading edge of paper to ensure the paper susceptible to curling is held firmly against the platen cut speed enables you to adjust the setting if papers not cut well when automatic cutting is used mirror specifies whether to print a mirror image as needed select this option to print a version of the document or image with the left and right sides inverted the first three options are available from the front panel of the printer as well to display the print target advanced settings click on easy settings and drop down to advanced settings print priority enables you to choose the graphic elements that you want to emphasize for printing image is a setting for posters or other documents made up mainly of photos or images or for emphasizing photos or images in printed documents choose line drawing text for CAD drawings made up mainly of intricate lines posters newspapers and other notices with large amount of text suitable for emphasizing detailed text in printed documents however the quality may not be sufficient when printing photos or images that require a lot of color coverage in this case choose image instead choose office documents for better legibility of documents combining text and graphics such as documents and presentation material created with typical office applications the printing mode is determined by a combination of the print quality and resolution highest is used to print at the highest resolution when quality is most important printing takes longer and consumes more ink than in other modes but this mode offers superior printing quality I is used to print at high resolution when quality is most important printing takes longer and consumes more ink than in standard or fast modes but this mode offers exceptional printing quality standard is used to print that standard resolution when quality and speed are both important printing takes less time than in highest or high mode fast is used to print faster printing and draft mode can help you work more efficiently when checking layouts the color modes available in the image print priority our color monochrome and no color correction color will use any or all of the inks to produce the print monochrome prints in grayscale no color correction prints without performing color matching in the printer driver options displayed in the print quality list vary depending on the paper type in this case we've chosen plain paper as the media and line drawing text as the print priority the color modes available for the line drawing text print priority or color monochrome color cad monochrome black ink monochrome bitmap and no color correction in addition to the image color modes color cad uses color inks for color lines and text and black ink only for the black lines and text monochrome black ink will print all lines and text as black only monochrome bitmap prints all colors is black please refer to the user guide for detailed information about color settings if you set print quality too high you can select highest quality however depending on media type and print priority in this case selecting a coded paper with the image print priority enables this function select this option to print fine lines more distinctly select this checkbox to prevent problems such as misaligned lines and improve the print quality however the printing speed becomes slower page setup tab you can set custom size for the paper size temporarily the maximum settable size is 3.2 meters the setting of custom size is cleared when you exit the application software to save and register a custom size that will allow up to 18 meters click size options borderless printing is available if roll paper is selected in the paper source list choose from the following options when this setting is activated borderless printing on paper of equivalent size borderless printing by resizing originals to fit the roll width borderless printing at actual size click on roll paper options to display automatic cutting and banner printing under automatic cutting you can specify yes or no and print cut guideline select banner printing to print multiple pages as a single continuous image without margins between pages cutting will only occur after the last page on a machine fitted with a hard drive click to display the output method dialog box which enables you to complete the output method and name of data to be saved Music layout tab you can add watermarks to documents that require special handling watermarks are applied to all pages of your document the following watermarks are provided confidential copy draft file copy final preliminary proof top-secret you can also create your own watermarks specify the following options to customize your watermark the page options dialog box offers the following settings click to display the format settings dialog box which enables you to complete format related settings if the printing results are not as you expected you can change how printing is processed in the special settings dialog box utility tab printer maintenance can be executed from the utility tab clicking maintenance offers the following functions nozzle check print checks whether the ink nozzles are clogged printhead cleaning recovers the operation of clogged nozzles if prints are streaked or colors are not printing even when ink supply is enough print head adjustment resolves warped vertical lines or colors that are out of alignment paper feed amount adjustment adjusts the amount of paper feed to correct print results especially scratches and streaks in the image this concludes the image pro graph printer driver advanced classroom form.

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