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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 2220 Migration

Instructions and Help about Form 2220 Migration

Well welcome back again this week to another analysis behind the news you know government has a propensity to create a problem and then provide a solution to that problem and usually the solution means more government this is what's going on in Europe right now and it of course it's doing it they're doing it in the United States but one of the things that's happening in Europe that's been in all the papers and on TV and everything else is this massive influx of refugees from the Middle East now it's made to look as though they're all coming in from Syria nothing could be further from the truth they're coming in all away from Central Africa all the way up through North Africa and coming in through Italy and places like that on boat and flooding into Europe but they're also coming from all over the Middle East from Pakistan on through all the other stands and in the Iran and Iraq and Syria and so on and so forth flooding into Europe now once in a while they'll show you pictures of women and children and that sort of thing but the influx is primarily men under the age of thirty years of age and it's not doing much for the population of Europe things are happening there now that are becoming quite a problem I invite all of you to go to YouTube and your regular Google or whatever search engine that you use and look up things like Muslim violence in Europe and take a look at some of those videos regrettably some of the videos are made with a particular bias and that's disappointing to see we don't want to be against people because of their color or the religion or that kind of thing but nonetheless these videos and articles do capture the what's happening in Western Europe now what's going on is a change of all of European society as a result of this and as a result of that change in this society it will change the governments of Europe they have been indoctrinating children for years in the public schools and you will see that in some of these videos with the idea that we have to welcome in all of these people from these divergent countries that our country is your country kind of an attitude even in the schools they're starting to teach the native-born children the idea of using the symbol that the Muslims have been using lately and you might notice this in some of your viewing on the major news because they don't explain what this means and this is a symbol being used by these these Muslim militants and it points heavenward and it basically says there's just one God and that God is Allah and so they're teaching that in these schools in in Europe and they are growing up with the idea that we've got to allow all these people to come in at their will and in some cases literally taking over the cities and the villages there are some places where they have dumped people down in small villages that have exceeded the number of inhabitants of that village completely different people different religion different habits different everything now some of these people are not demanding food they're demanding money so they can go buy the food that they particularly want but also the sense of that money home which is kind of interesting they don't even want to work for it at least a lot of the immigrants that have come into the United States they work here and they send money back home from their wages these individuals don't even want to do that they want the money so they can send that money back home on the dole it's becoming a serious problem with violence changes in local government and everything else again go to Facebook I mean YouTube and just the regular in search engines and look up Muslim violets and Europe you will be shocked at how much there is and how many videos are available for you to watch you don't want to become biased against these individuals based on their color their religion or anything else but you know laws law a good society is a good Society these people are breaking it down now the the policies of the European socialists through the European Union have created this problem simply because now they can give you the solution of the EU looks to take over border control now of course in the process of doing this you're going to lose a little sovereignty over your own borders as it points out in this article but hey it's all for the best if we're going to solve the problem is to surrender your sovereignty to Big Brother to a bigger government and keep in mind that the larger the government the more corrupt it can become power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely and they're destroying the indigenous people's the indigenous societies of Western Europe to replace it with a one-world government called the European Union as a region towards this one world anyway again I really do recommend that you go on your computers and and take a look at Muslim violence in Europe another thing that appeared last week was a number of demonstrations around the city of Chicago where the mayor Emanuel has saying now I'm sorry for the mess that I've created well the interesting thing is that these people that are all out on the streets and demonstrating all through Chicago tying up traffic and so on and so forth are not trying are not conservatives who are trying to get Chicago to reverse its course relative to taxation what they're trying to do is to make sure that all these taxes go where the community action groups want them to go into benefits.

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