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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 2220 Navigation

Instructions and Help about Form 2220 Navigation

Hello everybody and welcome to my 31st Microsoft Access 2022 tutorial and in this tutorial I'm going to show you how to set up a navigation form our navigational form just allows you to put multiple forms all in one form at once so it's quite useful if you've got lots of different forms and you don't want to have to have your users kind of dot around between lots of different forms so we're going to go to create and it doesn't matter which forms I have selected down here because we're going to do it later on today so that's any of them just click on the navigation drop-down and then choose what type of format you want so you can have your navigation tabs left right at the top horizontal and then you can have a horizontal top or horizontal two levels etc etc so play around with them see what they like I'm going to go for horizontal tab to start off with I'm gonna close off this field list because I don't need it so now you get put onto this page and you've got this orange area here which is your area where your different forms are gonna show so I'm just going to make that area a bit smaller so that it fits in my screen and then you've also got this area at the top which is your navigation pane so make sure that all fits in as well we then need to add in our form so I'm gonna add in my users form my cells form of my items form then to do this just click on the form in the navigation pane over here and put it on this add new I notice how there's an orange cursor that shows up here that's just showing you where it's been added in so it's been added in before the Abney if I put in the sales you'll see I can either have the cursor before items or after items I'm gonna put it before items and then my users again I'm going to put it before my sales now that's the form dad say that's Katie save I'm just going to save it as navigation form let's close it down we're going to open up our navigation form and now you'll notice that alright when I click on each of my different tabs at the top it's going to load in that separate form you just have to be careful is the seam of some of mine they've been cut off on the left-hand edge and the right-hand edge say make sure that you go into design made a change your forms say that they'll match up with the edges currently that is essentially it they're not overly complicated they're very quick to set up have you got any questions then please drop them in the comments below and if you haven't already been jumping onto our website and check it out and you can download all these sap the databases I've been creating on there if you want to follow along so thanks for listening and I hope to catch you in the next tutorial.

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