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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 2220 Notification

Instructions and Help about Form 2220 Notification

Hello this is a myth from racial inspiration and this is a demo of conditional notifications in Google Forms now this unique and interesting feature will help you send automated email alerts to different email addresses based on the users answers in the form submission now to get started first we will install the email notifications add-on from the Google store you can also find a link to download this add-on in the show notes now all you have to do is click this blue button and it will install in your google form in seconds next I'll switch to my google form and as you will notice this is a very simple google form the user fills in their name email address the country they choose a product from the available options and then they also enter a message so it's a very very basic customer support form for a company little gadget store so for this example here's what we are trying to do when someone fills out this google form we want to send them an acknowledgement email saying that we have received your request and our team will get back to you so let's see how we can do this with the email notifications add-on now inside my google form I'll go to the add-ons menu now this looks in the shape of a puzzle icon and there you will see a menu called email notifications for forms now inside this will create a new email notification for sending out the acknowledgement emails now first we will add a name of our rule now this is for internal use only and this will help you identify rules later when you have more than one rule associated with your Google form next we will specify the email of the person who should receive these notifications now I'm adding my own email address here but you can also add multiple email addresses and just separate them by a comma for this example I'll just add one email address next we will specify the reply to address so when people reply to your email messages this is where the replies would come now since we want to send an acknowledgement email to the forum respondent we will turn on the notify form submitted option now this opens a little drop-down with a list of all the questions in the forum so all you have to do is pick the one where the respondent is filling their email address so our basic configuration is almost complete we will move to the next screen where we'll customize the notification emails now you have a nice visible email editor to design your email notifications now first you need to specify the email address from where these notifications would go out now you can either set your own email address or you can also send emails on behalf of any other email that is available as an alias in your gmail account now since I don't have any aliases in my gmail account I'll just choose the default email address next you can put your own name or the name of your company as the sender's name now this is the text that will show up as the Frog name in your emails next we'll enter the email subject now your subject can have a fixed text and in this case all emails that go out will have the same subject line but the interesting part is you can also create customized subject lines by adding variable fields that are dynamically replaced with the user's answer so for instance if the question title is name you can surround that field with double curly braces and becomes a variable field in the subject line so when the email notification goes out that variable field will be replaced with the actual value that the user puts in in the form next we will customize the text of the email message body now here again you can use variable fields but you also have a few generic fields available for instance you can say all answers enclosed inside double curly braces and this will be replaced with the neat table containing all the answers that the user has filled in the form entry Music okay so our email template is now ready and I'll just quickly save it now if you're a premium user you obviously have an option to remove the branding from your email messages then I go to the next screen now I'll keep this notification simple so I'll skip the conditional settings for this example you also have an option to include the form answers as a neatly formatted PDF in your email messages so I will check this option and then you can also customize the name of the PDF that is generated the rule is now live so let's test it I'll open my google form and submit a test entry Music so the form has been submitted I go to my gmail sent items and here you can see that two emails have gone out one is for the forum owner another is for the forum respondent now let's set up an advanced rule where we'll specify some conditions and route our emails to different people based on their forum answers so first I'll go to my Google forum again and edit the existing notification now I'll change my existing rule so that it only sends email to the forum respondent and not to the forum owner for everything else we will use a separate notification Music Music okay so I've modified my existing rule now let's create a new rule for setting up conditional notifications so again we will give it some name I'll keep the email address fields blank as the emails will be decided later based on the conditions I'll also skip the notify submitter section since we already have a route that is taking.

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