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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 2220 Pdf

Instructions and Help about Form 2220 Pdf

Okay so you got your printer you put your documents I have three pages you put them up top right there you hear the beep I can pull it up do it again so you hear the beep anyways it's just the same those documents in there will go back to the computer now you see I'm at the computer okay so basically we go to the my image garden after we go to scan windows fax and scan and then we will go new scan and it will say flatbed is the source no you want to put feeder and it doesn't matter what it saves it as and click scan and it'll scan page one it'll take a little bit of time just wait for it should have only done one image for the sake of time but anyways how are you are you doing good that's great I can hear the printer bringing in the third page scan it away scanning away scanning away and this takes forever and it's done so they appear there that's fine go to the my image garden that you just installed and then you will go to well you'll see it like this when you first open it and you go to libraries documents scanned documents here they are right here in scanned documents and you can select all three of them all four of them well I already did this once before so we'll just select three Korea and then down here at the bottom you'll see create edit PDF I'll click that and you'll go save all now you can choose a file name so if it's a it's for the Basterds and PDF that's a good data file and up here on the top you want to save it somewhere where you can find it so that will be easy just click the Browse button scroll up the top you'll see desktop select it hit OK and I see it's on the desktop and we can save and this only takes about two or three seconds eighty-four and now it's here on the desktop you saw that pop up now we can open the Basterds and now you have this nice PDF document with all three pages there and that's all there is to it it's very simple very basic I know it's kind of that you have to do this every time I just don't know how to scan with this program they find it but anyways using windows fax and scan and new scan feeder so you can put multiple documents in there and then that'll save them all as an image file but then you'll use this program which came with your printer to save them all as a PDF all right hope that helps you.

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