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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 2220 Preparation

Instructions and Help about Form 2220 Preparation

Today I'll be showing you how to set up defaults and how to assign them to other users once you log into the software make sure you're logging into the admin user because it only has the privileges to be able to do the tax form defaults go to the tool menu select edit tax form defaults select the package of which everyone that you're wanting to do so I'm going to select the 1040 I'm gonna hit yes this is where I'm gonna set up my default and bring in the forums that I know that I'm going to widely use with almost every single return as you can see the 1040 is already here with the ACA and so forth so I'm gonna scroll down here and I'm going to enter the bank product I'm also going to select EPS so that the EPS forms pull into the return itself I'm also going to come down here enter my five digit ero pin I'm gonna select check here if using practitioner pin and I'm also going to select the income tax and then I'm gonna scroll down here I'm gonna hit I authorized and then I'm gonna come down here and make sure to fill out my third-party designee and my prepare information once I filled this out then I can go ahead and start bringing in forms that I know that I'm going to widely use like a w-2 or 1099 or a Schedule C things like that so I'm going to type in w-2 I'm gonna double click on the form and bring it in here I'm also because most customers have a I see so I'm gonna go back to add form display form and type in E I see and I'm gonna bring in the schedule EIC the EIC worksheet and then of course the 88 67 because that's my due diligence once I have pulled in all the forums that I know that's gonna get widely used on almost every single turn and filled out my defaults then I can come over to the prep use form into a question like I have here how did you hear about us underneath the answer if you right-click and you go to edit history list you'll be able to enter the answers like I've got email and newspaper Facebook etc that way they can pull the drop-down and see the answers and choose one of them it's great for marketing purposes I can also come over here to where it says how did you hear about us hit my f3 key to highlight it in red so the hacks preparer can come over here and fill out the answer to the question so when you run a report you can see what marketing Avenue was the best option for you for the 2021 season and then I'm going to come over here to the pricing list and I'm gonna enter all of my pricing that way it flows on to the bank application and you can easily come in here and tell the customer how much it's going to be now when you're setting up your tax form defaults you can create a default for all of the users in the office or you can create one for each user and what they do in the office like let's say you have somebody who does mostly Bank products and you can create a bank product one or if you have somebody that just does business returns then you can create the business returns and you can assign it to that user so the way that that works is once you're finished setting up everything as far as the tax form defaults go ahead and close the return it's gonna bring you back over to tasks you do most often come over to the tool menu and go over here to the utility setup assistant then go to file and go to return Explorer under the file options go to show scroll up until you select tax form defaults for the individual package and for the current year it's always going to be 8i and a bunch of zeros so go ahead and select it and select under actions copy files to another location this is where it automatically defaults to all users but if you're going to create one for each individual user then you can do the drop down and select the user that you want it to go to once you hit copy it'll bring up the status file copy was successful just hit OK and close it so in order to create a default for any of the rest of the users you'll have to go back into your tax form defaults by going to tools and going to edit tax form defaults selecting the package and then changing it to suit the other users in the office and then once you're done with that go back into the utility setup to copy it to the other user.

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