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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 2220 Publishing

Instructions and Help about Form 2220 Publishing

Everyone a mecca here how's it going in this video I'm going to show you how to format your own book for Kindle so you can save tons of money by just doing it yourself for having your book for Kindle is a relatively easy process and I believe it's something you really should make sure you know how to do so you can have your books formatted your own way and start developing a bit more of a personality around your specific books whether or not you're technically challenged or not it has nothing to do I'm going to walk you through my process of what I of what I do to format all of my ebooks for Kindle so let's take a look alright hey everyone I'm going to show you how you can get your book formatted very quick and easily for free by doing it yourself don't let formatting your book for Kindle or Creed's basis for that matter scare you it's a simple simple process and especially in the beginning when you're trying to keep your your expenses as low as possible formatting your books is something you should be doing yourself if you're writing company whoever you choose to work with is not doing the formatting for you for whatever reason most writing companies where you're paying 60 70 80 dollars per book it should be formatted for you I still think this is a process you should learn yourself so you can format your books the exact way you want all right so we got our title subtitle author's name on the title page super super easy very first thing what I do though is highlight or rather show all non-printing characters by showing those all these little blue formatting tools this is going to allow you to see the format to help keep your book nice and I look for what I'm looking for nice and structure I don't know February word but Pleasant pleasant to view at let's go with that all right so you do not want to add all these marks when you hit return what we're going to be doing here instead is what's called a page break so you go up to insert break page break boom what this page break is going to do is it's going to tell the Kindle device a new pages starting so the introduction will be on a new page rather than continued on to this page all right now very important step you're obviously going to want to have a table of contents in your book the writer that I used for this one just throw in a table of contents these are not clickable though you want your readers to be able to click on the table of contents and take and it take them to the desired section of your book by creating an easy and more fluid reading experience rewriters or for your readers rather they are more likely to the positive reviews for your book but more importantly they are going to want to purchase more books from you so that's always what I keep in mind as I'm going through a formatting my books is how would I want this book to flow in my hands so to speak so what we're going to do is we're going to highlight this introduction section and we're going to click on heading 1 right click on heading 1 when we insert our table of contents it's going to pick up it'll go through the document and pick up every single one of these headings and your reader will be able to cook in that specific chapter it will make more sense one for should the table of contents so let's just keep going now as far as the body of text what we're going to do is we're going to make sure all the body of text is justified text we want to keep it looking as even as possible kindle devices they have small smaller screen so this is just going to help everything look as claimant for it as possible get a page break they're great obviously you would fill the Fendi and simply just put your name if you want and I think this is this is already justified text all right we're leave that in for right now I'll show you how to do that all right so here's the section right here we want to delete all those and insert break page freak much better alright so what we're going to do right here highlight that heading one chap it's going to change the delivering a little bit I like to use this Calabria I think it's pronounced looks Italian that's the font I like using you can use what is it arial times new roman' you keep it simple don't use some crazy font it's all about keeping a football especially for non-fiction books once again to make it as a positive writing X for reading experience for your readers as possible okay so we're going to select all of this body of text here and justify okay great so everything's looking good right here get rid of those and insert a page break okay same thing here heading one I'll get rid of that one justify here break page break chapter three can tell this is a very simple process you know this is obviously something that once you have a few books out you can outsource and have a virtual assistant do this for you but I'm a firm believer in doing this all myself until what happened there in u.s. until I have the amount of books you know 10 to 15 books out I'm not busy enough to to justify having a VA take care of this you can see sometimes it can be a little finicky I feel like thing I hate about Microsoft Word.

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