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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 2220 Receives

Instructions and Help about Form 2220 Receives

Music we live in a time of relentless business transformation we're connecting customers products people and data wins we're smarter winds a time where microsoft technology can help transform organizations bringing together company and customer patient and provider Factory and field service people in government Music storefront and supply chain without silos without limits just customers products people and data connected and ready Music is Dynamics 365 Microsoft business applications unlock next please welcome CVP business applications group James Phillips and CVP business applications and global industry Alissa Taylor good morning welcome to Orlando and ignite I'm James Philips I run engineering for Dynamics 365 and our power platform my name is Alissa Taylor and I run our global product marketing team responsible for a go-to market for dynamics and the power platform as well thank you so much for being here with us this morning the goal of today's session is really to showcase how organizations of all shapes and sizes across all industries are leveraging technology to not only disrupt but to innovate and to meet the needs of the constant changing expectations of customers and so this is important because industries across are in transition so if I just think of a couple retail is one that comes to mind that industry has seen more disruption in the past decade if you think about it customers now expect a seamless experience between what they what they get in store and then what they experience digitally and another great example is the financial institutions think about it we used to have bankers hours we would actually go in and meet with the teller to access our financial portfolio yeah I can remember when Tech was the vacuum tube things when you went through the drive-through with your mom absolutely you put your cash and your checks in there and make that sucking sound but now we have to have technology that allows organized to their financial portfolio 24 hours a day from any device across the globe yeah and I think you know the tech is cool but I think the thing that has to happen is sort of a coming together of IT and business absolutely it's tech is is sort of the enabler but ultimately if it doesn't move the needle for the business it's sort of like trees falling in the force that no one's there to hear yes absolutely and it's very much a cultural shift and I think it's one that we are embodying at Microsoft as well and we're looking at not only from the technology enablement but also how do we know how do we get organizations and individuals to work together to have a new mindset a growth mindset absolutely and so that that's what we're gonna talk about so for the next hour I'm gonna spend time sort of going through with one of our my favorite customer actually if I can pick favorites digital transformation talking about some of the technologies that we're bringing to bear and then I'm gonna come back and I'll talk further about some of the industry trends that we're seeing and we hope between the two of us and our sessions today that we are going to leave you here with lots and lots of good information and to think about transformation and how to leverage it that's right so I'll see you in an hour okay so as I said I'm gonna try and spend most of the time looking at product looking at technology we've we've got a what I think is a pretty unique and special session today we've got one customer I'll save that for a minute who it is that's going to come out and sort of stay with us through the entire hour but this session is of course about business applications and if you think about business apps I mean we for 40 years business applications have been used to to allow us to engage our customers transform our operations engage our people and they've been relatively unchanged right you think about you know back in 1978 sitting in front of a vt100 terminal talking to a VAX on the back end a business application at that point in time look like forms that you fill out update lead records update call records it stores data in a relational database and you get information back out in the form of reports you fast forward to nineteen coll at 92 you're sitting in front of the same application it just happens to be running in a windows fat client talking to a Sun system on the backend you fast forward to last year and you open a browser same forms over data running reports right so unchanged pretty much for all time but we are we're on the doorstep of fundamental change literally for I would argue for the first time in the history of business applications where change fundamentally both in what's possible for the business and sort of what's possible in the business applications that run the business is beginning to happen we talk a lot about digital transformation as sort of the buzzword if you will that wraps all that up into the opportunity and I want to talk today about our point of view on digital transformation what does it mean how do you do it and try to get a little bit more pointy than just simply throwing the buzzword around and so if you if you peel back everything if you if you just sort of get down to what's really happening in the world that's different that's allowing this change to occur the thing that's changing more than anything else is that data is coming out of everything everything every time someone has a mention on social media every time they update a LinkedIn profile every time I use a connected product every time a jet lands with a.

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