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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 2220 Refund

Instructions and Help about Form 2220 Refund

This is the refund scam with a bit of a difference this time it's with a person who's got an Apple Mac computer and these scammers have just persuaded them to log in to his bank so that they can refund him but things take a different twist critical alert for employers in this video I have access to a scammers machine and he is connected to a victim who's on a Mac the audio will be slightly noisy because the scammer is speaking on a mobile phone and I'm only picking up the audio via the PCs inbuilt mic now is this a laptop or a desktop what's happened just prior to this is that the scammers have left lots of voicemails with potential victims explaining that they're going out of business and if they call the number back they will be due a refund incredibly this victim has believed their lies when they described it the only way to get the refund is to log into their bank account with the scammer already connected just inform me with the last four digits of your checking account on which you want to receive the money back they then explained to the victim that he should be able to get this refund pretty quickly as long as the bank is open alright the bank is open right now that means we can make the treat make the refund credit into your account so just give me a second just make it just do one thing make a note of the available balance that is present in your victim to note the current balance is an important part of this scam on a piece of paper you need to note it down now we have to blacken the screen so that the victim can't see what they're doing they have a search on the control panel for display available balance because once the money gets into your account be able to see that your available balance will automatically increase by that amount okay telling the victim what he's about to see is all part of it I'll just check it and let you know I'll have to pull up all your details for that to be a moment unlike PCs there's no option to blacken the screen so they do this by turning the brightness from 100 to zero you might see the monitor will turn black just let me know if it goes black it went black right all right that means the server has started assessing your refund it would take 7 12 minutes I will just confirm the amount and I will tell you how much is the refund for he says it will take 7 to 12 minutes that's because it takes that length of time to do what they're just about to do they click on pay and transfer but they're not going to transfer any funds to themselves that's not how this scam works he takes a very careful note of exactly how much is in this man's savings account because that will become important yes exactly you're gonna receive $600 back into your account and the scam takes its usual form he promises he's going to give the victim $600 but he transfers $6,000 of the victims own money from one account to his other account and I'm sure once you receive the money back into your account you're gonna send me a box of chocolate heard the scammer use online countless times thank you so much Yossi dad I'm in Santa Ana California right now and the lies continue as usual this guy is in India as he keeps his victim talking he just types in the words refund transfer as he transfers some of the victims own money between the kindness yes I know that because the bank is open during business hours this operation does take place immediately no sir I'm not from the sales team I'm from the refund department yes exactly so as the scammer looks back at this man skeins 6000 has been moved from one to the other now he has to do a little bit of editing I'm sure that made you haven't showed that video deal right another clever part of the scam which we've seen if you've watched my channel before he will edit the HTML and he will add in the amount that was taken out of the original account but editing HTML like this does nothing to be account at all all the doors is of a temporary object to this page but of course the total is don't add up he also needs to edit those totals so that looks as if six thousand Pines really has appeared from nowhere Jesus Christ share them okay his mental maths isn't that great look how long it takes me to work out what twelve plus six equals I think so that is also one of the reason that your voice is still very young so now that the totals add up the next part of the scam is to edit a couple of other things the payment is pending it needs to be complete and the description of the payment also needs to be updated as the small talk continues the last part of the editing takes place he has to persuade his victim that he is some sort of association with Apple and the description of the transfer should include the words Apple store on Apple gift card is then to persuade the victim that it's not easy for him to take the money back so he will add the words norm transferable and one more thing this is a this money that is coming into your account right now it is a non-refundable credit that means once the money gets into your account after that no one can take this particular amount out of your account okay art from you.

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