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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 2220 Rejections

Instructions and Help about Form 2220 Rejections

So today I was rejected from Oxford University I don't know why but I think I expected it I don't know what it was maybe something just didn't really feel like right about her I mean I to call myself an optimistic person but something about this just like didn't feel right I didn't feel like like it was gonna happen I guess so basically let me tell you how the day when I woke up there was nothing there there was no email nothing just cool you know people say that it happens during the day people say you get a letter I went to school refresh my emails all the time but yeah it was okay I wasn't feeling like too stressed about it or anything then in my second lesson I went into the library and I went over to another girl in my school there were three of us who applied to Oxford so I went over to her and I was gonna ask like if she'd heard anything back I'm literally the moment that I got over to her she had just opened an email from her college and she got in and I was so happy for her then when I had congratulated her and half I sat down I looked at my emails and there's still nothing there and I also went on Twitter and I was through to see the evil so got in and blessing Marie vlogs go into Cambridge and Liv's boyfriend of Mia he also go into Cambridge were just amazing and don't get me wrong I was so happy for all these people but kind of sent me into like a bit of a frenzy like a bit of a stressed frenzy and I couldn't concentrate for my whole free I just kept refreshing my emails and kind of like stealing glances after it whenever I could and I don't know as the day went on I think I just knew it felt like everyone who was successful already knew and I hadn't heard of anyone being rejected yet which kind of meant that rejection like emails or letters whatever hadn't gone out yeah I guess so you know I did I went on track and it said yep you have been unsuccessful or have withdrawn your application and I was like well I know I haven't withdrawn it so I just must feel unsuccessful and I can still remember like I had this moment where my heart just like drops I don't know like it was nice in a way to finally be put out of my misery and to know but yeah basically I'm a bit of a wimp I couldn't face it so I pretended that I still hadn't known what the result was and I didn't tell I told like two of my friends when the time was right and I was alone with them but I didn't really tell people and I knew I had a chest spirit five so I don't want to put myself in the awful frame of mind but yeah I didn't get Oxford and it's okay it's fine like loads of people don't get in loads of people who are very deserving don't get in and I'm a little bit gutted I'm not gonna lie to you and I think one of the main reasons I'm so like sad it's just because the process is so long and draining from perfecting that personal statement to doing interviews and like there's always a results day when you're trying to find out if you got an interview or not I'm preparing for interviews and seeing if you've got more interviews and I don't know it's just like a lot of hurdles to cross and for it now all to have just sort of I don't know ended but not in a good way it's just it's a little bit disheartening I'm not gonna lie to you and then I texted my mom and I was like man I haven't gotten in if you like broken heart emojis um and she was like yeah I letter just arrived for you but I thought it was a bit thin I didn't want to say anything but yeah and as soon as she said that it was like everything is confirmed and I've got the last year and it's very thin there is no contract to be signed and basically I think because I kind of expected this in some ways and like I'm fine with it I'm okay with it and I know that it just means that I kind of wouldn't suit the environment that or there are people who deserve it more which is a very very valid reason and I'm very thrilled for the people especially if you're watching this and you manage to get an offer from Oxbridge Oxford or Cambridge well done and I'm very proud of you it's been a long slog and you deserve it and I'm not bitter towards Oxbridge in any way I think the main thing is just it's hard telling people that's the main thing I'd say like everyone kind of wants to know and you walk around and it's like oh if you heard yet have you heard yet and I think that's what I fear the most is like having to tell people and like get the reaction back like the sympathy and all the I don't know it just makes it a bigger thing then is I guess like the world doesn't revolve around Oxbridge but sometimes it feels like at school it can - yeah I'm kind of just reading it like talking about it so yeah I'm not very engaged it's not defined by University and I know that I will probably be sat in a few years and I will be somewhere where I'm really proud and happy to be and this day will.

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