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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 2220 Reserved

Instructions and Help about Form 2220 Reserved

It is currently the morning before the PT test and I want to make sure I eat some banana and I'm probably have half of this cliff bar just for some energy and stuff so gotta have something before PT test Music so we just finished our PT test got back to the units did our height and weight and stuff like that right now we currently have a little bit time to go get some breakfast or something eat so we've got some time to kill I think I might actually be unhealthy and go probably get like a chicken sandwich or something there's a McDonald's right down the road so that's what I'm gonna do but as far as the PT test this morning I did pretty good I got 100 pushups 89 sit-ups in the 1324 two-mile run the two miles not what I wanted to get that's why I said pretty good that's something for me to work on I slacked preparing for this PT test as far as the running goes but we can always improve definitely can do better next time so you know for all you guys make sure you push yourself because you know I hate not I hate my max and I think I got a 296 the when whenever you max the push-ups and I go above or you max the sit-ups you can't actually get over 300 unless you get a hundred in every event so even though I went way over on the push-ups and I went way over on the sit-ups because I didn't get below a 13-minute two-mile on the run I'm stuck at 296 whereas if I would have ran 24 seconds faster the extended scale score probably would have been about 3 335 or something like that so a little disappointed but I always got next time next PT test definitely gonna do way better try my goal for this winter is to actually run through the winter I don't normally keep up that well through the rent the wintertime running so definitely my goal to keep that up start running longer start running faster and then get my run time back below 12 minutes now I don't normally have all the time in the world to eat before this little shower time period but one of the perks of living at where I'm at right now I'm about a mile or two from the PT area where we do our PT test that's why we ran home big took a shower and so now I don't have to take a shower like everybody else is doing so this is why I got a few minutes to kill Music so you guys are currently looking at a few video clips of me just kind of recording us PM csing the Humvees I'm going to talk about this a little bit later in the video but because the Humvees were on you know all this audio for these clips are just you know you can't hear anything but I figured it would be cool just to show you guys Humvees you know the inside of the Humvees and how we actually check them my unit is a transportation unit and the next drill we have we're going we're basically going to convoy over to Fort Bragg so you have to make sure the vehicles are in working order so we will literally check check everything and that's basically what we did before lunch and then after lunch we did a couple classes on weapons and a few other things like the renew retirement plan which you guys should have seen that video for me the other day I think possibly yesterday actually but basically what we're doing right now is waiting on the classes start for the m4a1 which is the new fully auto m4 which is pretty sweet and then I will show you guys here in just a second the new grenade launcher the cool thing about this new grenade launcher that you guys will see is whenever you actually pop out the rounds like I just showed you guys right now it just pops out to the side rather than the old one where you had to actually kind of it like a shotgun but with this new one you actually just kind of press a button and it will eject around which is pretty cool the other cool thing about this is you can actually kind of treat it like its own little weapon so you can take off the new mm m203 grenade launcher that's mounted on the m4 you can take it off and then actually use it as its own weapon which is really cool so that's why there's this little four grip on the on the thing and you can't see it but you can actually when you take it off you can actually basically it has its own buttstock so you can literally fire it from the shoulder which is like it's super super cool but this new grenade I thought was pretty sweet and I thought I would show you guys alright guys so I just got back from drill it was a pretty long day it is let me see here it is about 1800 right now so about 6 o'clock so it was a little bit longer than normal we usually don't get done until probably about 4:30 5 o'clock when we normally get released but we had a lot to do today I'm not sure how well I captured everything but I liked I hope I got a few things in for you guys basically what we did today was a PT test we basically what I did anyways was I helped do this little concession thing for a little bit with PMC s the vehicles which was just basically making sure that they are all ready to go for next.

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