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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 2220 Resolve

Instructions and Help about Form 2220 Resolve

Paragraph 1 (Corrected): "What's up guys? Jeff Cavaliere here from athleanx.com. Today, we are talking all about posture. And if there is a representation of poor posture, it is this young man right here, Jesse. I know we have been infatuated with the muscle gains he has been making, but I can tell you this: those muscle gains would actually be impossible if he had not first fixed his posture. As a physical therapist, I prioritize posture, especially when we start attacking a strength training program. I believe that you cannot physically put yourself in a position to be as strong as possible if you do not first fix your posture. So, we had to do that with Jesse. What did we do? Well, turn around and let me show you what he looked like. He kind of looked exactly like I did, and you can also look at Jesse's picture over here for verification that this is how he looked when we started training. But knowing that we cannot throw him under the bar that way because we would be asking for problems, we had to address these issues one by one, starting with the upper back and the rounded thoracic spine. This rounded position is not good because you actually cannot lift your arm over your head fully if you are in this position. And with that comes the second problem - rounded shoulders. If you do not fix this, you are begging for shoulder pains. As a compensation for this posture, your body will want to look straight ahead, which will bring everything down. So, what do we do? We need to lift our head up, resulting in what's known as nerd neck. Jesse appropriately developed it because he's a nerd, but there are other reasons why he...