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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 2220 Resolve

Instructions and Help about Form 2220 Resolve

What's up guys jeff cavaliere athleanx.com we are talking all about posture today and if there was a representation of poor posture it was this young man right here Jesse and I know that we've been infatuated with the muscle gains he's been making but I can tell you this those muscle gains actually would be impossible how'd he not first fixed his posture and for anybody that has followed this channel for any length of time you realize that as a physical therapist I have to prioritize posture especially when we start attacking a strength training program because I don't think that you can physically put yourself in position to be as strong as possible if you don't first fix your posture so we had to do that with Jesse what did we do we'll turn around show him what you look like he kind of looked exactly like I just did and you kind of came to me looking like this and if you don't believe me you can look at Jesse's picture over here for verification that yes that's actually how he looked when we started training but knowing that we can't throw him under the bar that way because we're asking for problems we had to address one by one starting right here the upper back the thoracic spine being rounded cathodic it's not a good position you actually can't even lift your arm over your head fully if you're in this position and with that is the second problem the rounded shoulders that come with that and again you're begging for shoulder pains if you don't fix this as a compensation for this posture here if you're want to look straight ahead because it's gonna bring everything down if your body's going this way your head's gonna follow as a compensation for that we know we gotta look straight ahead so what do we do we peak up that's called nerd neck right there and Jesse appropriately appropriately developed it because he's a nerd even because of all of his star wars infatuation I call him that but beyond that we have other reasons he needs to fix this though and so do you and and really a little bit uncharacteristically Jesse's got a hell of a case of anterior pelvic tilt meaning he gets that swoop in the low back and we actually fixed that and addressed that an entire video that you need to watch if you have that problem and I'm gonna show you what it looks like over here and link it for you at the end of this video but here's what most of us have step aside just because of all this roundedness what happens in the spine because it's one connected unit as we get this posterior pelvic tilt there's tucking under this ass not as what we call so basically we have four main issues that we have to do in a dress and we're going to do that here one by one remember the one thing if you're short on time that's gonna be the most impactful for you you string them all together I promise you're gonna start to see better results with your posture okay let's first attack that rounded upper back the thoracic kyphosis actually a fun one to do because all it takes is a broomstick Jessie's got a metal bar here but you lay facedown on the floor like that you put your arms nice and wide on the bar and then Jesse's gonna roll in this direction here and when he does he's actually trying to get extension through his thoracic spine here and rotation because we like to pay a rotation and extension together because the spine works that way and we always have to respect the rotational plane whenever we do something cuz that's how we operate so he goes back in this direction the bar is actually kind of blocking him by staying in contact with the floor and he's just rolling it now he comes back out and he to go back the other way he plants down the right side with the bar and he rolls back in that direction opening up the wrestling extension and rotation hanging out at the end for just a couple seconds in each direction do maybe five or six of these in each direction and move on to hit those rounded shoulders next all right guys so now we have to go after those rounded shoulders and the first thing you should know is that a lot of times the rounded shoulders are a consequence of that rounded thoracic spine because once that starts it's hard to fight gravity and everything else starts to get rounded around with it but with that comes adaptive shortening because of the muscles in the chest and we want to make sure that we're not just focused on that guy's I talked about it all the time you better start learning to pull pull pull and in this case we want to do face poles and we want to do them often so a face pole is gonna actually help to develop the muscles on the backside here to counteract all that adaptive shortening on the front you can see when Jesse does this now he basically is working on external rotation as well so as he gets back he's trying to bring his thumbs back behind his body this way at the same time working the posterior deltoids at the same time working the rhomboids and the muscles here in the upper back and he's holding it it's not about getting here and trying to get out of here as fast as possible it's about getting here and staying and then reversing it so you go here for quality reps I'd rather see him go ten sets of one quality rep at a time as opposed to doing one set of.

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