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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 2220 Sites

Instructions and Help about Form 2220 Sites

Hey guys how's it going it's Justine and guess who I'm with today the king of random grant Thompson and today this is something that I'm calling the eBay revenge so this is a 3ds that I got on eBay that said that it was new in the box and that was a lie I wasn't a lot of Apple products before this is not the handiwork of an original unboxed iPhone I brought down to LA my backyard metal foundry now this is a trashcan that I've lined with Kol so it can now resist temperatures up to around 2500 degrees Fahrenheit which should be well above the melting point of your plastics iPhone casing there we also have another one you guys might remember this it was a few vidcon's ago this phone we actually stuck in this big chomping fake shark shark we get chomped my phone hopefully I can find that video I'll show you guys that my baby I poured it went right through the Jeep but today we're getting revenge on the eBay lying scammers we're going to fire this thing up we're going to get one of our crucibles ripping hot and we're going to take this broken scammy iPhone and we're going to throw it down inside the foundry it's exactly what happened Music let's get temperatures that will melt the metal probably not if the frame is made of steel you know what's going to happen yeah we really don't know what's going to happen any comparator go light it up so light it up Music so this founder that we've got has two propane jets we're running up from a propane tank back here a 20-pound cylinder like you use for barbecuing we've got both of the valves open and we're going to shoot the Jetson and light them and it's going to create a swirling vortex of fire and this crucible is going to sit right inside here and it's going to turn glowing red-hot Wow yeah let's test it out with a broken one because I really don't want to even give this one up even though it is how high you want to really want to put the switch again okay so high yep you should so how safe is this not nothing no it's okay like from a distance if your head is over top of it you might lose that beautiful hair promises and we don't want we don't want to touch the hair Music whoa okay wait now it's for gonna shot oh the lid here is line to scale wolves well that's going to go on proper form an insulating barrier just like this we've got propane that's getting in there it's air in for the Jets and then it's lighting it and coming up to the top and this thing is going from cold which is like 85 90 degrees today or we get up to about 2200 degrees in a matter of up in there wow this is absolutely insane do not try this at home do not today today oh you're glad you get I got discovered famous last words and we're gonna leave this for about 10 to 15 minutes and let it heat this is that crucible right now is the same temperature as house where comes right now about 90 degrees we raid that to about 2200 degrees you got your phone quick update guys the county's been roaring for about 15 minutes now that's given it enough time to come up to temperature so it is ready to go yeah it's ready for recite the talk today let's go do it Music now the closer you want to put the phone now you okay I'm going to put on this Idol just going to clip it in the columns here we're going to take the lid off the battery and gently lower down to the crucible and see what it does would you like to take the lid off okay I call air going up on oh no problem down back because that battery might explode let me take the lid put it back on you can see that thing will live with the phone in there I don't know I don't know I'm not sure how I feel I don't know if I scared or like I just kept looking at I'm just afraid this is obviously a very very new experience way outside of your comfort zone I don't get comfortable I think that's the best way to put it so justin is going to hang on there for I'll give you an update the phone I think is completely melted or whatever it's done because the flames look died down everything's returned to normal let's go ahead and take the lid off now the exactly where you got luck in our personal oh wow look at the phone is not where the trigana pride it's like almost like a flirtation in a fire like the pages appeal back the peeled off who died the frame of your phone back in school day I'm kind of thinking that brain must be made of stainless steel or something probably is because it sucks that word aluminum that thing would have melted completely the glass is gone I couldn't bring myself to break this one even though I got scammed I'm sooo attached baby I think we've been running for about 25 to 30 minutes so if anything is going to happen it will have already happened we go ahead and reveal this and whatever we got is what we've got I don't know what that is part of the treatment oh my god welcome to class we have molten glass in there incredible yes who that is toasty that is hot stuff what do you think well your sirens I wonder if they're coming to my house oh my gosh you're right Oh we'll.

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