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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 2220 Subtracting

Instructions and Help about Form 2220 Subtracting

Hi and welcome to math antics in this video we're gonna learn how to do multi digit subtraction it's similar to doing multi digit addition like we learned in our last video but there's a few important differences the main difference is with subtraction the order of the problem matters with addition you can switch the order of the numbers you're adding and you'll still get the same answer five plus two equals seven and two plus five equals seven but with subtraction if you have the problem five minus two you'll get three but you can't switch the problem around you won't get the same answer if you try to do two minus five instead in fact you'll probably get confused because you'll be trying to subtract a bigger number from a smaller one with multi digit subtraction it's important to remember that order matters especially when you're rewriting your problem often you'll be given a problem like this 38 minus 25 and you'll have to rewrite it with the numbers stacked up like we did with addition but you have to make sure that the first number the one you're taking from goes on top and the number you're taking away is on the bottom another hint is that the bigger number should always be on top okay let's go ahead and try this card we've got 38 on top and 25 below it and the ones places are lined up just like they should be now we draw our line so our answer can go below it and we write a minus sign over here on the left to show that we're subtracting now we can start getting our answer and just like with addition we always start with the ones place column here we subtract the...

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