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Form 2220 Suppress

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It's said that in order to awaken to our full potential we must be willing to see the ways that information is being suppressed or discredited and nowhere is this manipulation more common than in medicine Western medicine albeit technologically advanced treats the symptoms of illness with expensive pharmaceutical formulas and patented machinery which reaps billions of dollars each year for those in the industry there are many effective alternative options however for addressing illness but in the last century Western medicine has effectively swept them under the rug among the most commonly overlooked options is a uniquely effective non-invasive therapy that was created by a doctor named Wilhelm Reich using simple materials rikes healing invention tapped into the life energy that ancient modalities have spoken up for centuries and his therapy yielded remarkable results what more anyone could duplicate it at home but if you search for evidence of its efficacy you may have to dig deep to get past the character assassination of its founder which many people believe was the dark result of reich discovering something that could completely change our understanding of health and disease join the universe inside you create a new reality as we go deeper into understanding we'll hum Reich's simple technology for cultivating orgone energy Music if you research the name Wilhelm Reich you'll find more accusation of fraud than appreciation while there's no question that he pushed against the grain with his controversial ideas early on Reich earned great respect as he paved his way through the field of mental and physical health Wilhelm Reich was born in 1897 in Austria and became a very well educated prominent psychoanalyst in Vienna he travelled to numerous countries for his life work and wrote several influential books like his predecessor Sigmund Freud he became fascinated with the libido which is the energy of the sexual drive as a component of life instinct when he was 30 crike witnessed a violent revolt in Vienna that left many innocent people dead it became a game changer for him as he expressed disgust with what he called the social noxious 'no subviews and institutions he observed that psychic illness was linked to the irrational ISM of social and political mores adding that loved work and knowledge should govern our lives not dogmas Reich believed neurosis was rooted in sexual and socio-economic repression he observed that health and pleasure are the movement of biological energy towards the periphery of an organism while anxiety is the retraction of this energy towards our Center he sought to treat neurosis by reversing the flow of energy outward including by means of healthy sexual release because he promoted the availability of contraceptives into a necessary divorce he was later credited with originating the sexual revolution of that era the title of a book he published in 1936 in order to escape persecution by the Nazis reich emigrated to the u.s. in 1939 with hopes of fulfilling his own American dream sadly this notable immigrant experienced an American Nightmare though his work had always been held in high esteem he was sadistically professionally destroyed just as he attempted to share new healing methods with the world what happened could he have really just cracked or might his ideas have presented a threat to the existing medical industry dissatisfied with a headiness and what he called contrived foothold of scientific theories Reich chose to focus on the biophysical aspects of psychological conditions through his research he discovered that people with unresolved negative emotions would hold more rigidity in their muscles blocking the natural flow of energy through the body he referred to this tension as muscular armor and noted that firm pressure of his thumb or deep massage into a rigid muscle would elicit a strong emotional response accompanied by physical pain that then appeared to stimulate the memory which initially created the tension the more repressed the mind the more stuck the body as energy was released ease and even pleasure were restored to the patient along with an involuntary pelvic thrusting reflex that he called the orgasm reflex which was attributed to many responses beyond an actual orgasm the second thing Reich discovered came from observing a dying plant in water under a microscope as the life force faded he witnessed luminescent blue bubbles departing from the planet and then as if by magic coming together again separately to form a new protozoa a new living organism he called this glow biome and concluded that if energy is not lost but simply transformed at death it must exist everywhere always he was able to see and measure by ohm energy which is the luminescence in this photograph taken on the moon though it's been dismissed as a trick of light the glow of life energy is unmistakable to put it simply wilhelm reich rediscovered which shamans and ancient healing modalities have known for centuries there is an energetic life force in the universe an etheric substance that is the essence of every living thing and non living thing in China it's known as Chi in India as prana in Greece as ether in Polynesia as mana the list goes on drawing a line between this self-organizing force and the biological energy that was released from muscles of his patients reich believed this lifeforce to be the source of life and procreation and he decided to name it organ reich was trained in western medicine but for thousands of years healers and shamans of many cultures have been cultivating this invisible energy in order to restore health he'll disease among these ancient methods are acupuncture Reiki she gan reflexology and chakra clearing all sharing a consistent principle our biology is governed by invisible energy meridians and illness occurs when areas stagnate in the body rather than treat the symptoms of illness as Western medicine does these modalities focus on opening the flow of this energy rike was able to detect and.

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