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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 2220 Adjusted

Instructions and Help about How Form 2220 Adjusted

Steve small engine saloon is powered by and Miller reviewing draft today thanks to Lee Lorentz echo Canada giving me this brand spanking new hat today thanks very much buddy appreciate it you're going to find 99 point something percentage chainsaws out there have three adjustment screws you have a low-speed adjustment screw a high-speed adjustment screw and an idle screw first of all you have to have your bar and chain on I shouldn't say you have to you're supposed to have your bar and chain on tighten to the proper tension also your air filter is supposed to be on those two things will change how your carburetor reacts when you're doing what I'm about to show you so make sure you buy our chain Iran make sure your air filters on to fire it up rev it up let it idle rev it up about a minute something like that just warm it up nice a couple safety issues here ventilation take it outside when you do it don't start this thing and do this in an enclosed area I have all my bay doors open my windows open I got a great ventilation system in here don't worry about me your muffs wear ear muffs when you're doing this it's not going to hinder you from hearing the differences in adjusting this like I'm about to show you put some earmuffs on all new chainsaws that are sold in the store off the shelf have some way of preventing you from turning those adjustment screws screwing them in too far or screwing them too far out screwing up your chainsaw most of them have limiter caps there's these little plastic limiter caps that are on those screws themselves prevent you from turning them into far too far out you can still with the limiter caps you can still do it a little bit they give you a little leeway in there you can still fine tune generally about half a turn in a half a turn out something like that with those limiter calcium and on there if you're real lucky you don't have limiter caps on there yeah I have a specialty screw driver Husqvarna comes to mind if you find that you have to have a specialty screwdriver to adjust your carburetor you have to go to your dealer ask them if they will sell you one they're not supposed to I don't think technically but Tom steep Sentra will set you up your low speed screw on your carburetor adjust the fuel air mixture at idle now there's two reasons that you want to do there's two major reasons anyway the big ones say for instance you just cut a piece of wood you put your chance on the ground sitting there idling while you're playing around with something and your chainsaw just dies and dies and dies of your games come down down and installs that's because your low speed screw is not set properly it's running out of fuel another big one is that you want great trigger response I call it trigger response acceleration when you when your low speed screw is set properly you nail that trigger you pull that trigger your rpms should come up almost instantaneously to higher rpm there should be no bogging no lag there at all that's what your low speed screw is for here's how we do it first of all I want you to take your idle screw right your low speed not your high speed your idle screw turn that idle screw in until your chin just starts to move now switch to your low speed screw if your chainsaw is not marked clearly your lowest speed screw is always the one that's closest to your engine furthest away from your air filter now start screwing that in and out you're going to find that when you start turning that screw in the RPM start to drop if you get in too far the RPMs start to drop now start turning it back out the RPMs come back up to high idle keep turning it out and you're going to find that the RPM start to drop again there's two points on that screw counterclockwise clockwise where there's two points where that rpm drops off find that middle point that little sweet spot where it's idling the fastest now start turning that low-speed screw out very slowly until you just hear those RPMs start to come back down now leave it there that's where you're going to want that by far the majority of the time you do that on any chainsaw it's going to sit there an idle all day long and you're going to have excellent wicked trigger response on that now chain could be still moving go back to your idle screw turn on your idle screw back down until that chain just stops moving now I'm going to switch to a close-up so you can hear me do that so you can actually hear what that sounds like when I do it close-up right now your chainsaw didn't react like that you have to take your limiter cap off of your low speed screw you're not getting enough adjustment in there you have to take your limiter cap off so you can actually turn that screw in and out further if you can't figure it out you didn't have to go online Google how to get the limiter caps off of your particular make and model of chainsaw once you get that limiter cap off do the whole procedure again without low speed screw if it still doesn't react like I just showed you there's something else wrong with your chainsaw moving on to the high speed screw the high speed screw is simply to change your high speed rpm when you got that trigger punched your it's running as fast as you can that high.

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