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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 2220 Admin

Instructions and Help about How Form 2220 Admin

Hey there youtubers is Dan strong with excel vba is fun today we're going to talk about how to make a form submission and specifically whenever you submit or when somebody submits your Google form you get notified by an email and that's a little special thing we can do so we're going to hop right into a Google Drive so if you don't have a Google account or Gmail or YouTube or whatever you can get one for free go to google.com click on sign up instead of sign in otherwise we're going to click sign in and login so you're going to go to your drive go to your Google Drive and we're going to create a brand new form and let's just regulate it so in this scenario we're going to create to click on form we're going to create one for let's say somebody was letting you know their birthday or something let's use this birthday balloons here and birthday form click OK and so the first question is first and last name please not multiple choices make that a text so they can put their answer that is required to click done let's add an item pretty much on the same line of thinking your email please and finally let's click done that will be optional and let's make a date so let's do a date let's see what's your birthday question mark ok so the question type is a date so don't include the time but include the year so they can choose that and we'll make that a required question for this one and we'll just add a quick description add your birthday to the company birthday ooh list okay so click so we're pretty good there we've got a name we got everything going on here let's close I click on choose response destination let's do a new spreadsheet called birthday form responses so this is a new spreadsheet online that will keep track of my responses I'll click create and then we're going to click on let's go to view responses that's a cheaters way of going to my drive and finding the actual responses worksheet that's creating that now and here it is so let's go ahead and just to show you I'm going to go to where is it view live form so here's what the form looks like and I'll show you an SMS submission really quick and I'll skip the email for now what's my birthday all right just click Submit but you can submit another response if it's like one of those so and you see there it's time-stamped and give you this this and this it automatically goes on to there so as people submit to your form it's going to go into this spreadsheet which is private unless you share it so what we do we're going to go to yeah I thought it was tools let's see one moment okay go to insert script so click on insert and go down to script and we're going to go to I think it's form emailer type in for me mailer by H gabbro at gmail.com he's the guy that authored this this is actually a script that's already been compiled and like put together for you so it's really easy to install them to use there's just a couple caveats that I want to show you so we're going to click on install and you're going to have to hit install again in just a second outside here so needs to be authorized click continue click approve or accept or whatever click accept to authorize this script now close that and now you'll notice the forum email or is up here so click install it's like an extra step that's pretty much useless except what this does here in a second is a click install again is it actually adds a second worksheet which we will not mess with click back to your forum responses here and it adds this column a you don't want to Jack with that is let it be okay so that's going to say sent or email one sent or not sent or whatever that's what this columns for leave it alone it will it will work for you I promise so click on forum email or go to settings here's where you get to set it up pretty awesome so let's have this go to actually that's fine we'll set it to that email and instead of new form submitted let's just say new birthday a new birthday submission so that will be the title the subject of the email and if you know Outlook or Gmail you can actually run filters and an Outlook it's called rules it's called rules and you can have it hey if it says new birthday submission then it must be from my gmail account and then file it under this folder or do this and that and forward it to somebody so or you can also use the filters in Gmail and Outlook again it's called rules but you can have it to do something based on a pattern and you could just have a really wacky or specific subject line that you always want something to happen when you receive an email with those conditions so that's how rules or filters respectively work but you don't have to do that anyway I just wanted to change that and make it my own so you get submitted values so you get your time stamp in bold this is all HTML so you here's a line break that's moves you on to the next line then B is bold so they want the timestamp to be bold and another line breaks and bold stuff here so basically anything in between the the number signs is an actual form field this is pretty cool you can customize the sub the the body.

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