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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 2220 Applies

Instructions and Help about How Form 2220 Applies

Music everyone welcome back to my channel so today I'm doing a video on how I get my perfect eye shadow all the tips and tricks that I use all the different quirks and techniques that I always include in my eyeshadow routine are included in this video so get ready it's very informational very detailed and very up-close in your face like my eyeballs are literally going to be so close to you I'm so sorry that I didn't make this video a lot sooner I realized that I have been on YouTube for almost two years and I have not done a video on how I do my eye shadow and how I blend and all that stuff like a very detailed video on how I do my eye shadow so I'm kind of ashamed of myself I'm sorry but I finally did it and I'm really happy with this video I made sure to include everything that I know about eye shadow so anyways thank you guys so much for watching and let's get into the tutorial so before we get started I just want to explain that I usually do my brows in my eyes before I do my face makeup just to prevent any fallout from going on my foundation but for the sake of this video I just did my face first and also did my brows before I like to do my brows before I get started with my eye shadow because it kind of helps keep a frame for my eye shadow I just feel like it helps me a little bit and it's just nice to have the brows done and not have to go over them after you've already spent so much time doing your eye shadow so we're going to get up nice and close for this video so you can see everything that I'm doing first of all I like to start by concealing my eyelids can you use eyeshadow primer if you want my favorite one is the Urban Decay primer potion but lately I've just been using concealer because it covers up my veins a lot better than any primer does as you can see I have very dark eyelids and I have a lot of veins going on so I like to cover that up to help the eyeshadow pop a little bit more so my favorite concealer to use is the Tarte shape tape concealer it's hi coverage concealer that I have ever used and it's also very very long-lasting so you do not need much of this I like to just do two bloop then I either blend it in with my finger or a Beauty Blender today I'm going to use a Beauty Blender so after I do that I like to set the concealer right away before it creases with some sort of loose translucent powder today I'm using the cover FX loose powder it's pretty much the only powder that I used right now but I just like to use a loose powder because I feel like it sets it a lot better and a lot more secure especially when you use it with a damp Beauty Blender it just feels like it's more set and secure when you're impressing that shadow into the concealer this is a super super important step for putting on your eyeshadow because it helps make the skin smooth for the shadows to be applied the skin was tacky or reseat it would be very very hard for the eyeshadow to go on smoothly it would go on very patchy and just not be as easy to apply and then if you want if you do like to do your face makeup before your eye makeup like a lot of people do you can take some more of that loose powder and go ahead and press that underneath your eyes before you get started with the eye shadow that way if any shadow falls onto the loose powder you can take a brush and just wipe it away and it won't mess up your foundation at all a little bit funny when you're doing it and it's just like sitting there on your face but it really really makes a difference so after I said my eyelids I like to curl my eyelashes right away I know that seems a little bit weird but I like to get that out of the way so that I don't mess up my eyeshadow with the eyelash curler or the eyeliner that I just applied it just makes me feel a little bit better knowing that my eyelashes are done and out of the way before I get started with my shadow so now to get started with the actual eyeshadow I like to go ahead and take a cream color eyeshadow or like a white shadow and also a big fluffy crease brush crease brush lately my favorite has been the lux p2o5 tapered brush I love Luxy brushes because they are all cruelty free they're just really really good brushes it's hard to find good synthetic cruelty free brushes so I like to take a little bit of that cream eyeshadow and just go ahead and place it all over my lid this is going to dust away any excess pressed powder that we put on before and it's also going to lighten up the area a little bit for the shadow Sikkim and then the next step is to choose a good transition color a good transition color is so so important because this will help you blend all your colors together and not make it look harsh and choppy I like to go with a lighter brown something that's a little bit more on the warmer side it depends on what kind of look you're doing but I always go for the more warmer Browns as the transition colors just because that always.

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