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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 2220 Certification

Instructions and Help about How Form 2220 Certification

And welcome to another flipped classroom tutorial this time we are going to have some fun with Google Forms now Google Forms are always great if you want to collect data on people you want to get some information and if you want to get some feedback so let's say that you've just finished a lesson or a training session and you would like to get some feedback Google Forms will enable you to send out a form or your attendance or all the children that have been in the class fill out the form and you instantly collect that data now there is a really really useful function within Forms and that is whenever someone sends you their information you can automatically push out a message and file now this could be a certificate of attendance this could be a welcome letter whatever you want it to be so in order to do this let's start by creating our form I would highly suggest that you create a separate folder for each form this way it will be easier to change the files afterwards that I've just called this folder fun with forms I'm going to click on new and create a Google Form this opens a new tab and I can now name my form let's call this form fun with forms okay and I will request some information let's start with question number one name okay I can select text makes a required question add an item for a second question this will be the email address so I can ask for an email address this is also a required question and this will be texts now under text there is an advanced setting so when I click on that I can validate this so let's validate that and look for texts containing and email address this way I can ensure that people only fill out email addresses okay I have name and email address that's enough for the purpose of demonstrating this function but you can add as many questions as you would like so let's click on done we now have a form with a name and email address we can obviously change the theme so we can choose any theme here so let's just quickly go with let's say this nice team fun with forms name email address ok our live form will look like this this is what your students will receive ok let's close this form you will see that google has automatically created a form and a spreadsheet now when you open the spreadsheet you will see a timestamp a date and the email address this is where you will get all the results that have been sent to you and this is where the fun starts I can use an add-on within Google Spreadsheets to automatically push out certificates welcome letters whatever I want now in order to do that I have to install the add-on autocrats so go ahead and search for autocrats and install the add-on once you've done that let's go and create our certificates so let's click on new Google Docs I will create a certificate just to say congratulations or thank you for attending I have now finished creating my certificates so it's time for to create a merge job within our spreadsheets so let's open our spreadsheet open the add-on autocrats and click on launch you will now be presented with a nice red button which says new merge job so let's go ahead and click you are now presented with two options you can either choose a template from your drive or you can create a new one seeing as we've already created our certificates here we are going to click on drive and within the folder fun with forums we select our certificate select now what autocrat is doing right now is it is analyzing these documents and is looking for the merge tags as you can see down here I have only one merge tag and in this case it is named because I want this certificate to be personalized so I want my form to take the information from someone filling it out and input their name into the certificates so let's see how that works let's go back to our spreadsheet and autocrats we can name the merge job so let's name this fun with forms set autocrats has automatically detected my nametag and here it asks where I would like the information to come from so I wanted to come from the name column we can now click on save and what we have to do now is we have to select a new file naming convention to use so in this case I just want it to be certificates of attendance select the file type you want to create this will be a PDF and I also want to email the merged documents in order to email it to my respondents I need to copy this code which says email address and what this does for me is it looks at the information it has and it links the name with the correct email address and sends it out so my subject will be certificates message thank you for watching please find your attached certificates include the merge document as a PDF file attachment and very important within our Advanced Settings we have to make sure that autocrats runs when a new form is submitted so tick this box and click on save from now on whenever a form is filled out autocrat will automatically send out these certificates so let's go and test this let's take our share link for our form open a new incognito window so we can pretend to be someone else and let's fill out the form so let's go ahead fun with forms name city and I would like to have my certificate send to the following email address I.

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