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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 2220 Charities

Instructions and Help about How Form 2220 Charities

Highlanders today I'm going to be talking to you about how to start your own nonprofit so if you've got a big idea and you know that you think it can change the world and you want to dive into the nonprofit sector today I'm going to give you seven tips on how to do that efficiently and quickly so that you don't have to go searching around trying to figure out exactly how to get through this legal process so I will say I am NOT a lawyer and I cannot advise you on how to go through the legal process but I do have some resources that I'd like to share with you and a process that I took just to share that process with you so that you can see that the process isn't as daunting as it may seem because it is it is like starting a business but because and you are dealing directly with the IRS and it is a 501 sore you trying to get your 501c3 status you have to make sure that you do everything correctly and you know dot your i's cross your T's make sure you have all of that done so today that's what we're going to be talking about so let's jump right in so the first thing you want to do when you're starting a nonprofit is you want to think about your name your mission your vision things that you have probably already started dreaming up and thinking about and your processes things like that you want to think about the services you'll be providing to your demographic and one of the most important things that you're going to want to work on is whether you're a membership organization or non membership organization because there will be a bifurcation at some point during the process that will you'll have to decide whether you're a membership or non membership and it will it'll depend on some of the forms that you fill out so because we are a non membership-based nonprofit that's what I'll be talking about today and that process first thing is you need to get your name that's number one your name obviously is very important you may have already thought of a name but now you need to make sure that that name is available so the way to do that is you're going to check at irs.gov and you're going to go to their search tool they have a name search tool once you do that you're going to put in your name they're going to send you you're going to need to reserve that name first and then that name isn't yours it's just reserved so that means that we're going to send you an inquiry letter back once you get that inquiry letter and you publish that name and you let them know that it's published that means that your name has been reserved and that means that now it is officially your name and they will send you a letter to let you know that whole process and they'll tell you all of that on irs.gov what the actual process is but until they say that the name is actually yours that name is only reserved and then once you receive the final confirmation on that name you will need to publish that in three different papers so what I did is I just published it in three different counties and then that makes it official and essentially that saying I'm starting this business this is officially my name it has been published under my name associated with my business so that's what you'll need to do and I think that probably costs about it's probably about twenty-five dollars I think per per paper to publish it and basically that's just proof that you are actually using the name for a business so that's your first step your second step is your Articles of Incorporation so your articles articles of incorporation may seem a little daunting but really it's actually a very simple process if you pick up the null resource book on how to start a non-profit that is a it's written by a lawyer and it's a resource that will actually walk you through the entire process step by step and I do recommend getting that for any nonprofits that are getting started because it will save on time as far as using a lawyer and then on top of that will also save on you making these sort of mistakes because it walks you through step by step so when you're doing your articles of incorporation the first thing I would say is before you start your article that's Articles of Incorporation or at least before you send them in you're going to want to create your bylaws first and even though that's not my second step this is something that I would actually just recommend to you because once you finish the Articles of Incorporation you that process goes a lot quicker than then than you think so or it can go a lot faster you don't want your bylaws to be what slows you down so I will get there in just a minute but basically you're going to want to do your articles of incorporation and this is essentially the same thing for everyone so even though it seems like there's a lot to do it's really just nine articles that you're taking and you're inputting your information but they give you essentially the word-for-word that you need to use for each and each article so that makes it pretty simple for you to do so you're going to do that now when you send in your articles of incorporation you're going to need to send in your cover letter as well and that cover letter is $30 then you're going to need to get that certified copy back so if.

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