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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 2220 Chooses

Instructions and Help about How Form 2220 Chooses

Maybe it's glue actually I think mine so I think this is so I'm still confused on what it is hey guys it's taylor-ann outside auntie Amy doing don't chase the wrong soap I'm coming so we have a bunch of self-sealing they're either filled with soap or slimy we have no clue do we have a bunch of stops here in the inner thug let glue or soap so we have no clue within these so we just get to pick one and pour it in our container and see if it's super glue but if you need to make you hit that subscribe button a new part of the Texas law and also make sure you share this video with a friend so they can join it janessa squad like temesta squad besties yes but let's get on with the video so we're gonna believe why we're sisters on who gets to pick first Rock Paper Scissors shoot could confuse writers for the shoe ride Paper Scissors shoo my favorite Scissors shoo hey I think I'm gonna pick this orange one right here okay so I think I'm going to pick this blue one right here so we're gonna go ahead you ready so we gotta figure it out what it is I actually think so actually maybe it's blue oh I'm pretty sure it's so yes this is so you got so I'm still confused on what that is so that's my turn I only I'm gonna pick just a clear one okay so we're gonna go ahead and open it and pour it oh this is so you can smell it I think what's blue I don't know what I got here I think it's glue I think it's so really they're like so perfect that you can almost can't even tell what it is No so I ain't gonna go ahead and pick a purple one this perform I'm gonna pick this light blue one maybe if we smell it off the bat that's when that one smells right up at that oh this one's definitely so cuz this is almond milk and blue Stoppers my EE so much soap in mine I think I'm gonna pick this light pink color the white pink I think we're gonna pick a light pink with you smell yours I think mine's glow hers is mine light blue mines Deathwing clown look up pretty the coat is though so we turn out this color honestly how could you even tell I would be washing my hands with glue and I would sudden it would drive my hands I'd be like what is this blew off your hand but when you first put it on we'd be like cuz when you rub it together it doesn't make bubbles ah people can totally confuse you like do you know this is so gloomy so easy this is actually really hard guys hey it's your turn to pick first light blue color oh my so I can smell it it smells good Oh mine's definitely show up it comes out so fast oh wait my soap but it does a big bubbles I'm confused Music so I'm pretty sure mine self cause it smells so good if you have too much soap to your slime what does it do okay so I'm it's my turn and I think I'm gonna pick this one I'm gonna pick this pretty this smells good okay almond milk one two - some weird color yeah I wonder what the clothes they don't look like once you mix them all together okay so we're down to four well let's see let's wash my hands with this you definitely saw ok - I - I - or so so glue any at least two containers you look so pretty though mine's a galaxy five to go giggle so now we're gonna add some activator to finally mix in our slime + soap together I mean our glue and soap together oh thank you oh my god these bubbles that are warming I think I mostly have blue I think it's a blue base which is which is good yes mine's really jiggly we might have crying a lot of soaps hey guys it's so pretty much turning into like this purple color my tennies this light pink and it's adorable like look guys look I'm pretty sure I'm gonna mean a lot more look how pretty it is do you imagine this does make slime that's a lot of slime okay I need like somehow like under my hands because I gotta grab the container you had in full force with both hands did you not go big or go home guys this is scary my so much Music I mean I'm mumbling to guess what we don't know what I'm saying I don't know if this is the word why can't we just use it off you when you first add it you feel like the thickness of it today I lose my calculator because I knew where you were gonna need a lot of activator for this with we've rented the free and clear mine from tide but it was right next to time well I'm sailing hands real sticky so guys we own you another video of this we will do this challenge again and get the right this is so satisfying actually I did not turn it into like milk and so we will do this challenge again but if you want to see us today's videos gonna be right over there if you want to see more flying time I'll see you guys over there bye we added this whole container that it's still like really over.

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