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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 2220 Comments

Instructions and Help about How Form 2220 Comments

What's up everybody welcome back to my channel I know in today's video I am doing my first ASMR video in 2022 now I last year it is my new hobby besides following so you may ask yourself Geoffrey what hell what the hell are you doing today I'm gonna be reading a brutal mean sick hate comments I can't I had so much fun doing this last time and girl the comments have all they got ten times worse there's even comments on the last video so I'm gonna be reading hate comments from a reading hate comments video one second where's my jeffree star cosmetics strong shameless blood sound excuse me now listen here if you are offended by any of the words have said in today's video so am i I get called crazy names I get told the wildest meanest rudest stuff from complete strangers every single day of my life I like to make a joke out of it so please if you're watching this don't take it serious because I don't these are comments I hear every single day so today no we're gonna flip the script and make fun of it because I don't take this shit serious and I don't want you guys to either if a complete stranger on the internet needs get out these feelings like I said before baby come on bring it in I will be your sponge amuse me oh whatever you want if it makes you feel better about yourself let's get started the first comment this was thought my last s of our video dark bubble says I hate this channel but the way he said piece of shit go kill yourself was funny thanks Rachel Jones says Jeffrey with my name is Mel de the why your Hey ugly mix between a man and a woman you're like a Frankenstein Ruby says you're lesbian you look ugly doing your makeup thumbs down I am NOT saying this next person's name they say please hang yourself you filthy queer Music Oh cleanse me father God I think before we dive in any more sweet comments it's time for some teeth rattling now I have gotten thousands of emails from people across the world they really really like it when I tap my teeth it's become a phenomenon in over 50 countries so let's get to it that was my first it's so soothing I love listening to scratching at night maybe I should do it handsome or scratch its back sorry okay let's dive in so I get this comment a lot probably the most probably the most frequent enough oh it's just simply ugly you're ugly you're ugly you're ugly you look ugly it's so unoriginal I'm like give me something fresh give me something no Armani says you sound like a dying rat and I died chicken now this is a comment on a video on my channel of me and Shane little froggie says what's that bald ugly dude on the left of Shane WTF dude is me that's me girl oh my god Wow says she says I don't get those homos they're all me I mean even my sis is homosexual but I ain't a homo I support her my cute ass dropped I was about to come Phoenix says I'm not trying to be rude but Kiki says you would think you're the best but you are you weird Omo bye Kiki girl Danno says we're we're we're exactly just replace the bar with oh that's actually a bass gone mad meat meat instead of queer oh I am I am I have the munchies ready miss diba lush says maybe I am a pervert I saw that lip plumper I was like what do vibrator is that LMFAO now many speeds does it rotate I have nasty lol well I'd like you know maybe getting but really not all right girl you sound like you to get vote and that's a personal problem Xbox the third person shooter says listen at the FBI anyone have me eyes watching black this person please oh and their comment is really really nice they say you should kill yourself yes it'd be alright boss I will fin is 2022 says you're a disappointment to your mother and me yeah my grace coffee 1 2 3 4 space five says fuck you ugly-ass bitch your father should I use the rubber on you it sounds like someone typed in what they wanted to say in their language and translate gave them the English version your father should use the wrapper on you didn't meet my father's today is the condom do they mean it shut up beat me oh it's getting warm in here I need a little bit of the Murphy spray miss this girl oh I love my continuous missed the Holy Ghost God Jesus more sick the greatest says what's sad about this is no one hates you you're just uninteresting okay I'm funny you seem to get off on me this weird diva type person but it's just tired and played out and you literally do nothing original or interesting last time I checked I was a living legend next all right sage says not to be a gold digger but I'd be gay for you if that's your life my Lamborghini video all right now that was a mouthful for my youtube channel but Instagram is a really dark place - sorry but let's dabble into some of those comments but before we do that I just got something in the mail while I was filming I have been ordering custom grilles from my teeth yes like Mike Jones three 6 mafia grills bitch ok so I wanted to have my own project bat moment so DP Johnny my amazing jeweler shout out to him he just sent me my full custom 24 karat gold smile.

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