How Form 2220 Completing
Fill out the pre-built How Form 2220 Completing in just a few minutes with an automated guidance. Follow hints and enter the requested data into the fillable fields. Complete, e-sign, and share interactive PDF templates using your desktop or mobile device, anytime and anywhere.
How Form 2220 Completing

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Instructions and Help about How Form 2220 Completing

Hey guys and welcome back to another technology guru video so in today's video I'm going to be giving you a full tutorial and overview of how to use Google Forms to create great-looking and very useful and efficient forms that you can send out via email you can send out via links or however you want to do it but Google Forms is a part of the Google Docs suite it's the free suite of applications that Google allows you to work with all in sync in unison with your Google Drive and things like that in order to navigate over to where you can start making forms in the Google's forms page here just go ahead and go on over to Google and then all you'll need to do is just search for Google Forms and then the first one that comes up here you can click on that one and then you're going to see the whole suite of apps the Google Docs Google sheets Google slides and then the last one over here the purple color one's going to be forms and that's going to take you to the home page here now on this page here this is where you're going to begin the process of creating your forms now I always like to start with a blank canvas but they do pryou with awesome templates you have a contact information template RSVP party invite t-shirt signup event registration and what you've clicked into one of these templates you can actually edit them to fit whatever need you want now again if we go to the more option here you're going to see that there are a ton of different templates that the Google forms page provides you with and they even separate them by category like personal work education and whatnot so right now to begin with I'm going to start a blank form to show you how to utilize this application to create beautiful looking forms to utilize for your business or operation so if you see here when we create a blank form we're going to be opted with this option here where you see a blank form with one question that's untitled as well as a form that's untitled so if we double click there where it says untitled form we will be able to give our form a name so I'm going to go ahead for the purposes of this tutorial go ahead and title that form just title form and then you could even give a description of that form if you want to right here you're wanting to let people know what this forum is for you can type right here in the description option now let's move to the fun stuff so right here you're going to see an untitled question so that's going to be obviously the first question here now obviously just like it worked for the title of the forum if we click here where it says untitled question we will then be able to go ahead and title that question there and then also underneath you're going to see option one which is the first answer if you want it to be multiple choice and then if we want to we can add other options by clicking the blue add other link here and then as you can see we can add as many options as we want to that question and if we want to we can go and click the X next to that answer and remove that specific option if we've added one too many now you don't have to do a multiple choice question you can click the drop down menu right here where it says multiple choice and you are actually able to choose a number of different types of questions we have short answer those are boring we have paragraph I hated those in school we have multiple choice checkboxes drop-down linear scale multiple choice grid and then you have date and time and stuff like that so if we wanted to we could go to short answer here and then you can see it will prthe person who has the form a space here where they can go and type in their short answer but we're going to stick with multiple choice just because it's easier and it works better for this tutorial but I do want you to know that you can choose from a number of different types of questions that suit your needs now in order to add another question you'll just need to click the addition symbol over here this is going to be where all of your tools are to edit and make this form your own so right here you're going to see the addition symbol click the add question and as you can see it's now added another question and within the same form you can actually have multiple types of questions if you want one to be multiple choice and you want the other one to be short answer again go and select that specific question and then hit the drop-down menu and then get the type of question that you want to do now questions are not set in stone as to where they are located on the specific forum if we want to you're going to see six dots at the top of the question or any element of the design of the forum if we click and hold here you're going to see the little cursor changed to the little crosshair there click and hold and you can drag questions around to reorganize and rearrange where they are located on the specific form now if you added a question by mistake at one too many questions and you want to delete that question you can see there is a trashcan right here that says delete that will allow you to remove that.

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