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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 2220 Consecutive

Instructions and Help about How Form 2220 Consecutive

So now let's talk a little bit about note-taking well for note-taking of course we're going to need a pencil or pen and a piece of paper we need to use this piece of paper wisely in other words we're going to try to use one side of this paper so we don't have to be flipping back and forth the paper when we have to for example see some notes that we had taken previously that we might be able to use again now when we take notes there's a big dilemma on whether we should take the notes in this source language or in the target language well it really is it really is basically up to you whatever is easier for you works that perhaps is one of the key statements in consecutive interpreting if it works for you it's good enough and I personally try to take my notes in the source language because I don't I want to avoid trying to do a double task of concentrating on the message and translating at the same time but sometimes if you take your notes for example in the English language your notes can be significantly significantly reduced because English of course contains less words now what type of words do we write down well words that will trigger your memory and yet that usually comes down to verbs and nouns as we saw in the previous example now other things that we have to write now down is names numbers addresses and any other type of non contextual information now that can get very very lengthy and that's why it's always recommended that we have our own set of symbols so in the next slide on our and in our next slides we will have some symbols that we will suggest for you to use that might be of great help remember symbols are these symbols that I am going to suggest here are just as an aid you do not have to use all these symbols you do not have to give them the representation that I have given them it's all up to you these symbols can be personalized and as a matter of fact it is suggested that you personalize these symbols these are all just suggestions now I'm starting with the mathematical symbols basically because they're of the are of daily use and they're very familiar to us now here we have the number symbol that can be used to represent number the minus symbol minus less the more or the addition symbol now these symbols can be used both of nouns verbs and perhaps even adjectives so we're going down the list and we see the equal symbol the divided symbol for example we can say James and Mary separated we can use J divided Jane James and Jane JJ division J less than more than here we continue down the list we have some more symbols at times the more or less the different the number sign I'm sorry the money sign which can see we can see here that we can use as a verb and as a noun we have change percentage these arrows are very handy because they're they can briefly be written down and we go down the list we have before/after up/down increase/decrease conditional okay the if and only if the conditional and then we have the two arrows clashing which we can represent as a crash two cars crashing or even a conflict here we have the question sign the upset sign the prescription sign we the little heart can be represented as you to love or to like happy sad the okay the man and the woman here it's important to point out that there are many symbols out there that are very handy that are not included here they can also be used but we don't want to fill our brain with symbols because it's sometimes it can be like we said before a hindrance to have too many symbols now if it's always good to have symbols because an image or symbol can represent many words and it's a good trigger for our memory continuing with our symbols we have some that are not as common but that are also going to be used a lot in consecutive we have the connector and the little check mark the withum without now this w which represents here work for us can represent many things but one we can choose a set of letters in the alphabet that can represent words that we use a lot in whatever setting that we have whether it be court medical so it's important to choose like I said before our own little set of symbols for example the the lambda we chose it here as a person and the quotation marks as conversations or the verb talk.

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