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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 2220 Deduction

Instructions and Help about How Form 2220 Deduction

Hello today let's look at an integral part of an analytical reasoning or logical reasoning section which is the question on puzzles from the movement that we see in cat these days of probably at least the last three years we sort of can be sure that these are the kind of questions that you will see in a substantial number out of the nine odd questions that you see in cat off the analytical reasoning or logical reasoning section which is a subsection of the verbal section of 30 questions we are very sure that around 7 questions would be straight-up puzzles and puzzles are not actually puzzles per se they are more or less situations created out of a simple table all we have to do is put those tables back into practice for example let's consider this first example where there are four young men who are married the names of the wives are given their names are given and the city where these couples live is also given to add to the confusion all the four of them have their names initials as rst and you there is Rajeev sundar Tushar and who they they are married to Raveena Savita tarah and uma and they come from Rampur Sanchi through Cottonwood Lumpur and all of them are rst and you when such kind of questions come up we have two kinds of approaches here one is we take up a tickin cross method the other one because it is a 1 is to 1 is to 1 relationship where we need to find out the name of the husband the name of the wife and the name of the city we can actually go and build a simple table of 1 is to 1 is to 1 relation also but for practice and for starters we will ensure that we do the tickin cross method let's get the question first the conditions that are given to us are that the first letter of the names of men their wives and Cities does not match that means if there is a Raji he is not married to Raveena and he's not coming from Rampur similarly Raveena is married to somebody but Rajiv and she's not coming from rampu so these are very visible indications second one Savita is not Rajiv's wife ok third sundar does not live in Rampur for example and is not Raveena's husband fine fourth condition the last condition who they and Terra do not live in Saachi okay the questions generally that are asked are who which is the correct pair and who is whose husband or who is whose wife that's okay we will come to the questions later if you look at understanding this kind of an arrangement or a puzzle we'll try tikkun cross method wherein we'll anchor one person to the left axis say for example I'll put the name of the four husband's on the left side of the table on the top I use the names of the four wives and the four cities so that means there are wives n cities on the top of the table the left there is the husband so there is a one is to one relation for each one of them now we move in further with the end of the first information it can be concluded that Rajeev cannot be married with Raveena and does not live in RAM put which is what we had about indicated similarly it holds true for nearly everyone so we can say who they cannot be married to ma nor does he live in a dump or and all of those conclusions on the basis of this information we can cross the respective blocks in the table that we had made after we are done with that say for example crossing rajeev ravi now and ramp or sundar Savita and Sanchi to Shara and through potty we put enough crosses in the given table now we move to the second condition using the second information we cross the possibility of matching of Savita with Rajiv find simple condition one cross to be put in the table third information rules out the matching of sunder with ramp or with dumper and Raveena fine fourth information denies the matching of Buddha with Sachi this part of the information which denies the matching of Tara and Sanchi cannot be used in the table now unless the husband of Tara is known so we keep this information aside to be used later after using all these information we see that Oh only city left in front of sundar is Tirupati so very specifically that is where we have to put the tick mark in this block crossing row and column of the city to ensure one-to-one matching that means the moment I have put a tick to the name of thirupathi I will ensure the cities are crossed similarly I'll do a row crossing as well as a result of this where do we reach is that who they lives in RAM for once we are done with that using information fourth that Tara does not live in Sachi and information first again we get the matching of husband wife and city very specifically either two peaks and crosses or we might want to rewrite the table later just in case we want to be more neat with our work on the basis of the information given about we can easily answer the questions that is the first one the correct matching of pairs is that of Raveena and Sachi therefore the answer to the first question is d the second question the wife of O'Day in this given table is Savita hence the answer is B the questions are always simple to answer the biggest challenge here is o document the whole table the second example along the similar lines is on the screens study.

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