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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 2220 Deductions

Instructions and Help about How Form 2220 Deductions

So hello and welcome thank you for spending the next 75 minutes with me today I realize it's four o'clock on Thursday and I am between you and a cold beer so I'll try and make sure that our next hour so together is worth your time my name is Casey Metzger I am a senior product manager on the I Dynamics 365 for talent team I come to you from sunny Fargo North Dakota where the air is not nearly as hot or heavy as it is out there today what we're gonna talk about today the next 75 minutes is gonna look a little bit like this we're gonna spend a lot of time in demos I'll be showing you some of the new capabilities and features that we've been adding in core HR but I've got some information that we want to share with you before we get into the product just so I have a better idea of who you are out there can you tell me if who of you our customers out there any Microsoft customers a few and partners CRM partners or ethanol both okay fantastic so when we talk about talent we've kind of got the three experiences we talk about we've got attract and onboard hopefully you're able to see some of the sessions we had earlier the week presented by Laurel or yesterday we have Brandon and Michelle up here talking about all the great capabilities and functionality we've been adding to those products but in the core HR space that's why we're talking about more of the core administration processes how can we make the core HR processes more streamlined more compliant making sure that you can get to the data that you want and it's certainly no surprise that our CEOs are spending at least 20% of their time on their most valuable assets their employees within core HR we also have a large self-service component so we do have both manager and employee self-service and one of the key things that we've been working on this calendar year is trying to make sure that that employee experience is comprehensive we understand that customers have solutions that might be outside of talent but how can we make sure that we allow you to extend the employee self-service so that employees can still go to one spot to get all the information they want and then perhaps launch from there into others stones and then lastly and certainly not least our analytics we've worked hard to make sure that we've got using the power bi capabilities there we have a set of power bi reports that are embedded right within core HR each one of the areas and modules that we have always has an analytics tab where we ship predefined reports so when we talk about core HR these are the different areas or modules that we've got in court HR we've got everything from your Personnel Management organ all that employee lifecycle information we thought all your employee rewards we can take care of fixed and variable compensation your employee benefits as well as that leave in absence we always and don't want to forget our friends our compliance we've got compliance reporting in there as well as health and safety tracking and then again as I mentioned we have both employee and manager self service so this calendar year what have we been focusing on well when we release talent last year we had our leave an absence module which was new and we've been focusing a lot on that this last year getting feedback from you of customers and partners understanding what your needs are understanding that there is a variety of different configuration options that and that companies have her managing their leave in absence and understanding you know different companies different geographies different industries have different needs so making sure that we build a system that is configurable and flexible enough for you to use that we've also made enhancements in the benefits area we've traditionally had all had the ability for you to manage your benefit processes but we didn't have the self service component of that so we added the ability through open enrollment to have the employee log into employee self-service and go through the open era open enrollment process we've also streamlined some processes in organ mate organization administration and personnel at an administration making some that information that we had more visible to you streamlining some of those processes making sure that HR can get through those more easily and then again in manager self-service there are some actions that we enabled allowing a manager to go in and request compensation changes or entering leave in absence on behalf of somebody else and then again extending employee self-service we've also been working hard to get core HR on CD s for apps is there anybody in the audience that hasn't heard CD s for apps or isn't familiar with it okay and figure so so we have been working hard to get core HR on CD s for apps sometimes called city s 2.0 and I'm excited to announce that in in October will be releasing core HR mcds4 apps too so that you can take advantage of all the capabilities that CD s for apps has available to you now when we do roll this out well go since we we're all very familiar with what CD s for apps I'll go ahead and and go by that but when we roll out core HR NCDs for apps we will roll out and what I like to think of it as a phased approach with our entities we won't have all the entities available in CD s for apps on core HR right away when we first released the solution in October these are the core areas that we're going after four entities will have entities.

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