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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 2220 Defined

Instructions and Help about How Form 2220 Defined

Hi everybody and welcome to a Cabrera TV this video that you are going to watch is one of the two with your lessons that we will publish back-to-back on our channel and they cover the top 22 figures of speech in English understanding these figures of speech is very important for any English Learner as these figures of speech from the very basics of good writing and conversation skills also questions based on these figures of speech often appear in various exams such as Sat GRE cat etc part 1 of this lesson covers the following ten figures of speech let us start with a brief discussion of figures of speech and their importance in the English language well a figure of speech refers to a word or phrase that is used in a speech or a piece of writing to make it more persuasive vivid and relatable to the reader or the listener these expressions called figures of speech use words in a non literal sense to convey some other meaning altogether let me explain this definition through the phrase to rag ones brains now any such phrase has two kinds of meanings one is a literal meaning which is the meaning when you consider the words in their usual or the most basic sense well historically Iraq was a torture device in the ancient ages on which the victim was tied and his body was stretched to a point that the limbs were eventually torn apart from the body over time the word rag started meaning to cause extreme pain anguish or distress to someone so to rag one's brain in literal sense would look somewhat like this and would suggest that a person is actually clearing his brain apart or is shredding it into pieces as we know this is almost impossible in real life in contrast to the literal meaning the figurative meaning of a phrase is the meaning implied by the freeze and in this case it is to strain your brains and to me the great effort to think of or remember something an example sentence for the phrases he racked his brain so that he could get some original ideas for his new book now there are hundreds of figures of speech in English but some of them are more commonly used than the others and in this video we will cover the top 22 of these the figures of speech are widely used in literature and we use them even in our own writing and conversations sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously I guess I will not be wrong in saying that using a figure of speech in language is like sprinkling condiments such as salt etc over your bland food so that it tastes better and see I use a figure of speech called simile to describe the term figure of speech for you ok the point is that the figures of speech adorn the language they add color and interest awaken our imagination and cause a moment of excitement when used they paint a vivid picture in the readers or listeners minds and as we know a picture is equivalent to a thousand words so the figurative language helps us understand the message better than words alone consider two sentences here an fast versus he ran like the wind while the word fast does not help me guess his speed as to how fast it is the second expression ran like the wind does so the figures of speech do premphasis freshness and clarity to our expression now let's cover each of the figures for speech in detail in this section we are going to cover the figures of speech based on comparison or resemblance the very first and one of the most commonly used figures of speech is simile a simile is an explicit comparison where you say that one thing is like another thing the two things are of a different kind and yet are alike in some significant way most of the similes will clearly state and emphasize the parameter or the quality on which the two objects are being compared so for example when I see the kids backpack was as heavy as a bag full of rocks I clearly know that the comparison is on weight another way of saying the same sentence is the kids backpack seemed like a bag full of rocks structure-wise it is still a simile but we will have to think a bit to conclude that they are comparing the two items to emphasize weight as you can see similes are introduced by the words like or else there are two common patterns that similes follow the first pattern is a verb plus like a plus noun for example the moon shone bright like a diamond in the night sky they are comparing moon and the diamond on the verb which is an action word shine and he eats like a pig we are comparing someone's eating habits to that of the pig the second pattern is as plus jected plus as plus noun for example the girl's eyes were as black as coal in this sentence we are comparing the girl's eyes to coal on the objective or the quality black another example of the pattern is he was as big as a giant our second figure of speech is a metaphor a metaphor is a word or phrase for one thing that is used in place of another thing in order to show or suggest that they are similar in a metaphor we say that object one is object two so it is an implied comparison the quality or the parameter on which the two objects are being compared is not explicitly stated in a metaphor so we will have to think how the two could be similar and then infer the meaning of the metaphor for example we often say that life is one big.

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