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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 2220 Determining

Instructions and Help about How Form 2220 Determining

On July 15th of 2021 as I was attempting to film police activity in the city of Hermosa Beach my right to free press was violated by Officer David Elliott of the promotion Beach Police Department he then committed physical battery upon myself in violation of California Penal Code 242 talk about I want to know what your problem is what you want to talk about yeah keep moving what you just bumped me that's battery that's battery what do you want to talk about what talk about what your problems what's about you want to punch me you wanna punch me yeah you but you stepped up on me you bugs me now my camera shows me now you're the one that came up to me away from me now hey you better pull your officer off away from me now I didn't move away from you move away I didn't back up I don't have to back up back up what are you need hit me back up you and hit me that's what I thought a few days after this incident I picked up a complaint form from the police department and then submitted my official complaint on July 17 2021 hi I'm here to file a complaint against an officer thank you yep all filled out thank you hi I'm here I'm here to turn in a complaint okay on an officer okay and no I'm just turning it in unless there's anything else you need yeah if you can uh David Stampin give me a copy that'd be great okay all right thank you okay and then how long should I wait I wish I do for any type of response ago how long does that usually take depends okay and there's an email I just on there to contact anything else I think that'll be all okay that's all I need okay all right thank you Thanks approximately two months after I filed my complaint I was contacted by the Hermosa Beach Police who requested an interview about the incident however when I arrived to conduct the interview the sergeant assigned to the case would not conduct the interview on camera so no interview was done so that's a problem okay so you're saying it would be okay to audio it but not that's what the video you're allowed to audio but not video okay I don't make the yeah you know okay so it is it's this fine line I personally know I have a problem with it but talking to the higher-ups of like you know there's there's laws that pertain to this stuff approximately one year after I filed my complaint I received this letter from the Hermosa Beach Chief of Police Sharon Papa the letter says in part unrelated to this investigation the employee is no longer employed by the city of from OSA Beach and the investigation is now closed immediately after my incident with Officer David Elliott I went straight to their Mohsen Beach Police Department and asked to speak with the watch commander yeah I'll speak at the watch commander I was a victim of battery by one of your police officers okay I'd like to speak with the watch commander right now campaign from Onis News Service Catman from Onis no service thank you notice when I spoke with the man at the desk I didn't say which officer I was complaining about when your officers is out of control okay officer Elliott what happened what's his first name it's officer Elliot what's his first name though I'm gonna need it to file a complaint David Elliot okay no what happened I was filming okay I stopped that they were on all right which I was actually assisting them on the stop by identifying the person they were looking for okay at some point as I was standing quietly not interfering in any way he starts shining his flashlight at me okay so I asked him why he's shining a flashlight at me he was very hostile he told me to move okay so I moved when his stop was over actually during the entire stop he kept shining his flashlight at me okay obstructing my camera okay my first time in the right two when his stop was over I approached him to ask him why is he shining his flashlight what's his problem he's gonna continue shining his flashlight ran up on me bumped me and kept pushing me back with his body okay let me ask you something when someone attempts to file a complaint against a police officer the number one priority of the police is to try to blame the victim and to try to get the victim to incriminate themselves what we initially contacted where you do you think you're too close have you spoken with officer Elliot yet I rethought okay I want to eat your side story that's all okay do you think you're too close I'm asking you you have a complaint form here I absolutely would rather me just talk to him and know this is beyond the level of just talking well I know a criminal complaint won't do anything I'm gonna be filing a civil complaint unless you want to arrest him for battery I'm which I guarantee you're not gonna do I am NOT gonna wrestle for battery even if you saw a video of it I'm not gonna even if you saw a video of it you want to file a civil complaint okay I'm not trying to be argumentative with you and I do is I talk to him and that's 28 years had the story okay if you want formal complaint I'm more than happy to the form for you and you can okay plain okay because you mention a criminal complaint you say a criminal complaint no no complaint it's all here I said civil complaint you said.

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