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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 2220 Email

Instructions and Help about How Form 2220 Email

I'll never forget the moment I got that phone call I was a junior in college living with five of my best friends so I quickly told them to be quiet as I answered my call and I run upstairs to my bedroom close the door behind me and I pick up the phone over the course of the next six minutes I barely managed to utter a few words which is surprising because I'm usually a talker but by the end of the call all I remember is that I'm sitting on the floor of my bedroom closet and my hands are shaking and there's tears streaming down my face these were tears of joy you see your first big break is often your most meaningful and for me it had just been delivered I grew up ambitious but misdirected I was aware that I wanted to do something of meaning but unaware of what that might be like many of you I wanted to shape what tomorrow would look like but I didn't know what I needed to do today in order to get there I was sick of being told to be patient and that my time would come I wanted something more actionable something tangible something that I could do right away so I decided to take matters into my own hands a bit earlier than most you see I spent the majority of my adolescence wanting to become a doctor and only halfway through college did I realize that I didn't want that anymore when I decided to drop premed I spoke to as many doctors as I could and it hit me all of a sudden that in order to become a doctor you have to spend a lot of your prime years in school and training the same years when I would want to be starting a family or beginning my career I would be stuck in training and it became really clear to me that I didn't want it that badly I wasn't willing to make that sacrifice and so once I discovered what it was that I didn't want I had to spend all this time to figure out what it was that I actually did want I'd spent so long wanting to become a doctor that a lot of my identity was wrapped up in that that was what I told my friend since I was a kid and now I didn't know what to tell them anymore and so I turned to the only place that I knew how the Internet I looked for people who might have similar stories as me and would relate I knew I thought that the tech industry was interesting but I didn't know much about it at the time I was smart enough to be proactive and reach out but naive enough to think that sending 150 cold emails would work well they did and it turns out that a little bit of naivete combined with a lot of hustle can actually go a long way you should never underestimate the importance of taking that first step for me those emails turned out to be my first step they led to dozens and dozens of conversations and ultimately a very first phone call where I was offered the job that led to my career today as a venture capitalist even now I can trace every opportunity I've had back to those emails looking back I know that I got incredibly lucky the numbers are stacked against you especially in a highly competitive industry like tech and venture capital but that doesn't mean that you can't make your own luck and so while now I'm surrounded by people who came from prestigious institutions and maybe had direct access to where they wanted to go as a state school student who didn't have a personal Network it was pretty clear to me that my platform was a little bit different I knew that I was going to have to hustle harder and be hungrier to get to the same place I knew that I might have to run the extra mile to get to the same place but I did and I still carry that hustle with me today and to be frank I hope I never lose it so did I get lucky yeah of course but did I put myself in a position to get lucky absolutely and so can you so looking back now I realize that there are three values that I've carried with throughout my entire life that have helped me end up in a prestigious role even though I didn't come from a prestigious background the first don't be who you think you're supposed to be just be you and play to your strengths when I was growing up I always knew that I wanted to be a doctor but I don't think I really knew why I knew I loved math and science and that I wanted to help people but beyond that I don't really think I had a good reason I'd be lying to you if I didn't say I wasn't attracted to the status and the respect that came along with being a doctor but looking back I realized that I wasn't actually chasing who I was I was chasing who I thought I should be eagie Cummings has a quote to be yourself in a world that's doing its best to make you somebody else is to fight the hardest battle you're ever going to fight never stop fighting this quote is stuck with me not just because of how true I think it is but also because of how much harder it gets with age now when I'm faced with new opportunities or maybe distractions I always go back to this question am i chasing who I really am or who I think I should be in my role today is an.

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