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Yes let's go up friends hope you're having an awesome day I am at gabe strom and i am very excited for today's special interview i am joined by Jerry and Alex Mills currently living in San Diego California I'm here in Chicago and some of you guys have heard about this interview I want to talk today about their incredible journey and story from 0to building a brand and selling their first million it's actually a million - I'll ask them details in a second within their first year selling on Amazon private label specifically and you guys have been in the business for a couple years doing another business that you recently just sold and you guys made a ton of mistakes along the way it was very messy your path is not the straight path that some people see in the infomercial about success from entrepreneurs but anyways Alex and Jerry good friend of ours we go way back also I think we first connected back in the willow days Alex when you were still working at Willow Creek in Barrington and I had but was going to church out there at the time and so we've been around the industry anyways guys thanks for being here how are you guys today ok very good excited to have you guys on and talk about this I want to clarify Alex you corrected me I think I may have made a mistake we talked about zero to a million in your first year but it actually wasn't your first year you actually this was your first year in building a brand but you guys had been selling private label before so you mind giving us like the cliff notes of what was going on the first full year of our brand that we sold a million two and then we had done some sales the quarter prior to that of our new products but it really was probably only three or four months into the year prior that we had really done any sales of our brand so it was the first full year of our brand that we did 1.2 million and some other private label work before that okay so you had so just to clarify I wanna hit on some high levels I'm very excited to interview you guys cuz I've known you guys I knew you were doing well I didn't realize you were doing this well I mean you guys have been a part of our alpha mastermind since we first created it we'll talk about that today - and how that's been a part of your success but I'm curious on a high level how many products are we talking here I want to clarify this from your mouth so how many products took you to a million first off the majority that was three skews we have another few that just did a little bit but yeah three skews three skews for real no secret students like fully truthfully one of them is expensive so that's another part of how we got to the big numbers quickly okay so you guys you didn't hit base hits you hit some home runs and you hit some doubles and triples and right out of the gate so I'm curious now you said this was your first full County or building a brand I want to talk about you know what you guys are doing is very different from what I see a lot of private label sellers doing that's what's exciting about what you've done and the reality is there's no one way to success some private label I've learned over the past couple of years there so you can create success a lot of different ways you can source in the US you can source in China you can source in India cuz source and Guatemala you can you know make widgets in your basement if you want to or whatever but what you guys have done has been very efficient so when you started you said that first test to your Alex can you walk us through like your first did you guys have other private label products that didn't work out or or what did you guys do in that kind of beta year yeah it might even be a little bit helpful sure I don't know about some of the earlier we've been on Amazon for quite a while so it's not like we're not like newbies at all so it's well yeah the nutshell would say you know we started selling online physical products and we over the last five years and built up a business of selling physical products really on Amazon and it involved a lot of outsourcing and so forth and we utilize that cash flow then to invest in products in private label and some of the ideas came from our own experience with those products so we leveraged that knowledge and experience with our previous business on Amazon with this private label business so it wasn't straight from knowing nothing about Amazon or e-commerce but it really was able to to capitalize on on what we'd already done okay what what so I'm glad you brought that up Gerry let's just set the table then cuz you know it's fair I want to I want to talk about the good the bad I want talk about the ugly the stuff that like this was the stuff that nobody talks so grab a cup of coffee if you're joining us in the live group and live say hi and comment below where you are dialing in from I always love connecting with you guys live and if you're watching the recording same for you grab a cup of coffee we're gonna shoot to do about 45 minutes it deep dive on your story I want to know what products you guys bought how.

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