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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 2220 Estimates

Instructions and Help about How Form 2220 Estimates

Hello in this video we will understand test estimation so first of all we will cover the introduction of test estimation then we look at the factors we need to consider for creating a test ethen we will see the approaches to create the test ethen we look at a practical example of how to do software test estimation and then we will see the interview questions and answers or frequently asked questions and answers related to software test estimation so let us get started the estimation skill is an important skill for people working as test managers or test leads even if someone is working as a senior tester they need to be able to ethe effort required for their own tasks and for other tasks so it is really a very important basic skill to have in software testing test estimation requires answering a couple of questions to yourself what will be done that means what will be the different tasks that need to be performed for successful testing and then how much effort would each task take let us see the factors that we need to consider in test estimation the first factor is the size of the system if it is a complex and big system then it takes more effort to test it if it is a simple system then obviously it takes less effort it is also possible to find out what is the size of the system components that need to be tested and we have to consider those when doing the test estimation the second factor in test estimation is the types of testing needed it can be just functional testing or it can be both functional and non functional testing like performance testing and security testing so in test estimation if multiple types of testing is needed then we can create the test estimates for those separately and add all of them up another factor in test estimation is whether we go in for scripted or exploratory testing if scripted testing is being used then we need to ethe time it will take to create the test scripts that will be executed and sometimes or most of the times both scripted and exploratory testing is used so we need to ethe time effort required for each one of these types of testing in test estimation we also need to consider the supporting activities there are the activities of bug reporting retesting regression testing meetings entering time etcetera so all these are also included in the test estimation finally you need to consider how many test cycles will be executed some people make the mistake of just assuming that there will be a single test cycle that means all the tests will be executed once and everything will pass which is not the reality in reality multiple test cycles are required because in the first test cycle you will find certain defects those defects will be fixed and then you will get another build which you need to test so you can assume that there will be two test cycles one after the other and do the estimation for both these test cycles now let us look at the common test estimation approaches the first approach is to use the data of completed projects so this is useful in case it is a very similar project to the previous project and you have the historical data of the previous project how much effort was required in testing for each and every task in testing and you can modify that data according to the current requirements at hand that you need to test and create the test ethe second approach can be the organization's approach some organizations have their own estimation approach they consider a number of factors and using some formula they come up with the overall test effort eso if your organization has its own estimation approach you can use that then there is the Delphi method in the Delphi method you have a number of experts who know about the requirements who know testing we each come up with their own individual test effort estimates and then they sit down and they look at the effort estimates and answer questions if there are discrepancies between their estimates and ultimately they arrive at a consolidated eyou can use this approach if you have multiple experts available senior people who know about testing and were very familiar with the system requirements you can use a Delphi method then there is the expert judgment approach in the expert judgment you do not look at the details but using your past knowledge experience and knowledge you can come up with the overall test effort ethe next approach is the size based estimation approach so you divide up the requirement into different sizes and then add up all those sizes apply the conversion factor if it is available and then you can from the size you can arrive at the effort ea common approach and a very useful approach in my opinion is the WBS work breakdown structure or activities based estimation approach here you divide the overall testing activities into top level groups then within each group you can list the activities basically form a hierarchy of all the testing activities required to successfully conduct the testing on your system and for every bottom level activity come up with the eso this approach in my opinion gives you the most accurate test effort eone thing to remember regarding the approaches is that never rely on just one approach at least use a couple of approaches and see if you are getting similar effort estimates that will give you the confidence in your effort estimates if you are questioned by the client or the management now let us get an example so here we have a sheet in Excel and the first.

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