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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 2220 Exempt

Instructions and Help about How Form 2220 Exempt

Typically there are two ways the first way are the straightforward instances or offenses that are specifically federal crimes classic example would be bank robbery but there are other offenses that are not necessarily federal but end up being federally prosecuted the classic example would be a drug transaction or certain frauds the way that drug dealing becomes federal as opposed to state it's going to be driven by three factors the offense history of the person that's targeted whether they think that person can deliver bigger players to them and the amount of narcotics at play the smaller cases and folks with less priors and folks that are not high-end dealers generally remain as state criminal defendants however larger conspiracies and bigger players and where tons and tons or even kilograms or kilograms of drugs are distributed could easily go federal in the forfeiture context it's much easier for most bras to be pursued federally because federal investigators are more adept at researching investigating and putting in the man-hours to prove that money was gotten unlawfully or through deception now every local District Attorney's Office will pursue fraud cases and those distinctions are driven by the amount of money stolen not unlike the drug cases but in general a case goes firm because it's bigger or because it's more tailored to federal police officers as opposed to state police officers.

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