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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 2220 Exemption

Instructions and Help about How Form 2220 Exemption

Hey guys rolling Olivia Cornejo here with Remax North San Antonio hope you guys are doing great we hope everyone is off to a great 2022 now if you bought a home with us in 2022 now is the time to file for your homestead exemption so in the video this is what we're gonna go through with you to let you know how to do that yeah we just want to do a quick video for you guys walking you through the homestead exemption form and just kind of detailing to you what you need to fill out and where and hopefully this will help answer some of the questions you have for the homestead exemption you actually have up until April 30th to fill it out and send it in but you definitely want to do it as soon as possible so we can get this submitted it's a one-time exemption you'll have in place on the property so I wanted to kind of walk you through the form and what it entails and then if you have any questions of course feel free to reach out to us any time and you can reach us anytime on our cell phone at two one zero six four three six nine five four so let's walk you through the form here real quick and we'll see one get your questions answered okay guys so here's the form just wanting to go through it in detail with you this is the residence homestead exemption application for the state of Texas and we'll try to get a copy if this is an email form we'll try to attach it as a PDF but if you need to know where to go to get it just let us know if you're watching this as a video on Facebook or something so under the appraisal districts name for the most part it's gonna be bare county appraisal district if you purchase somewhere outside of bear county there will be obviously you'll need to just know what your appraisal districts name is if you need to know any purchase a home from us I'll be happy to look up the information either way for you to let you know where your appraisal district is if you know the name of your appraisal district you'll just google them and we had to find their address where you'll need to Mel everything as well as their website address or phone number - everything you need should be in there alright guys so let's go to section number one which is your former and current residence do you own and live in the property for which you're seeking this residents homestead exemption so for the most part it's going to be yes for pretty much everybody it's gonna be hard to get an exemption on if you're not living there that's the whole purpose of this exemption is it if it's your primary residence and you are living there obviously so if not for the most part you won't qualify for the homestead exemption so you probably don't want to fill this form out in that kind of situation if you're renting it or anything like that so if you are obviously occupying the property as your primary residence you want to put the date in which you purchase the property typically you can get away with just putting the month in the year for example June 2022 and when you begin occupying the property whether that be the same month or maybe a month or so after but you do have to have occupied the property as of January 1st 2022 to qualify for this exemption and you're going to be applying for the tax exemption for the 2022 texture so that's what you'll put here in this line previous residence you'll just put in this line as well as your previous county and also if you did only home before and had a homestead exemption on that residence you'll indicate that here under the yes if this is your first home purchase or did not have a previous homestead exemption on any property dealing the cake now on this line section 2 which is property owner and applicant you're gonna follow under typically one of the first two either single adult or married couple other would be if you own the property of someone who say is not on title or someone who does not live in the property so you'll file your information name a popular one birth date driver's license number primary phone number email address if you are married and you're filling out this exemption form you're going to put 50 percent as the ownership your spouse will also put 50 percent on their line if your plan is a single adult you'll put 100 percent has the ownership if you are say own the property with someone who's not untitled who does not I'm sorry who does not live in the property with you but is on title you'll put an X under this box here that would be the only situation in which you would do that for the most part though you will leave that spot blank section 3 this is where you're going to specify what type of exemption you're seeking so under Section 3 for them for pretty much a majority of everyone it's going to be the general residence homestead exemption this is the homestead exemption for the state of Texas it's a one-time exemption what that exemption basically does is it takes roughly fifteen to twenty thousand dollars off your property tax value which equates to around three to five hundred dollars a year on your annual taxes so obviously every little bit helps and this definitely be a good good exemption for you to qualify for everyone who owns a home as a primary residence will qualify for this one and it's a.

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