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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 2220 Foundations

Instructions and Help about How Form 2220 Foundations

Music the garage-door would go all the way through cancel cancel that there's a good chance it's gonna snow tonight and make a hundred percent come off fine if anything we should have there was a sheet or two that we miss thinking it on so you notice the difference when you didn't use it hit it Ralph give it the gusto do it so diesel fuel and bar oil which is just chain oil just hey let's take the tip off of that thing and that we probably got a rock or dirt or something in there we just twist that twist the tip off so here we are back putting another foundation wall together we've got this one and one more to get done before the snow starts to fly the snow that you're seeing in the background is not real snow when it starts dumping six or eight inches overnight then that's real snow this will come in and stay a couple of days it'll melt off and we'll be able to get this wall poured and shouldn't be a big issue it is making things tough as we're trying to put this together and we're in a hurry I'd prefer to be working without the snow but Music Applause Music hey why are they swear we spreading them out as we go up just because they're 16 by 16 no what are they they're 18 by 18 columns right got you need help you know I I have found that cuts are better when you use a tape measure Music Music thank you the dirty nasty Music how much you want to come out Music Music you know I think that box is gonna be awesome the problem we've had with the cart with the put the buckets is they just don't hold up they don't hold the buckets won't hold all those all those wedges so hey nice work Music you.

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