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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 2220 Notices

Instructions and Help about How Form 2220 Notices

Music hi this is Mike Haber thanks for asking me what is a habitual offender an H o or an H fo in Florida in Florida certain repeat offenders are exposed to enhance penalties when it comes to sentencing and one such category is the habitual offender or H or H fo in order to be designated and held accountable as an H fo you have to first be placed on proper and timely notice by the state and they do this by filing a notice to seek sentencing enhancements as an h fo then the court has to conduct an inquiry and determine that you in fact meet the criteria for enhanced sentencing under Florida Statute 775 0.08 for 1a you are eligible for designation as a habitual felony offender if the court finds one you've previously be convicted of a combination of two or more felony offenses to your current felony was committed within five years of the date of your last prior felony conviction or within five years of your release from prison and three your current felony plus one of the two prior convictions is not a simple drug possession or purchase offense if you're formally designated is an HFO then under statute seven seventy five point oh eight for for a your third degree felony gets maxed out at ten years instead of five a second at thirty instead of fifteen and a first-degree felony is punishable by life instead of thirty HFO designation does not mandate enhanced and sentencing the judge still has discretion to impose enhancements or not to impose them and you remain eligible for receiving gain time while you serve your state prison sentence I thank you for your question I appreciate your having asked it and I invite you to ask me more please remember that at Hebert PA it's all about reasonable doubt and if you like this video then please subscribe because we'll be putting out more sin Music Applause.

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