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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 2220 Receives

Instructions and Help about How Form 2220 Receives

I think what we're gonna do for the most part in this session is we'll set the stage on the core areas and the themes of investments that we've made in the product over the course of the last year and kind of how we're thinking about where we invest looking forward and then we're gonna spend a bunch of time in demos with Kevin so you actually see what we've done in real life action and then we have a customer that we're gonna invite on stage so you can actually hear the experience and the results of what they've gone through in deploying finance and operations and their organization as well and then ideally we actually want to save some time for questions and answers as well at the end before we get going I do want to ask us to the level of familiarity people have with finance and operation so maybe by show of hands how many people don't have any experience with finance and operations that are here okay that's good how many how many of you have experience with ax 2022 or a or ax 20 2022 one of our prior versions or our implementing or using it right now okay a fair bit and then the rest I presume by show of hands at either evaluating deploying or using dynamics 365 for finance and operations now good and then a bonus question how many people have already visited Disneyland that's an optional one you can skip that one my son wants pictures he's six years old he's like were the pictures of the Disneyland theme park because he thinks that's what I'm doing here all day he doesn't realize I'm just stuck in a conference room and then occasionally on a stage here so anyhow thanks for coming for those that aren't familiar with finance and operations and what it does I've got one slide for you and then we're still going to keep it fairly high level in terms of what's coming beyond what we already have in the product but finance and operations if you're not familiar with it is our dynamics 365 application that addresses essentially what we refer to as the operations blade of the digital transformation blade which helps organization optimize their operations kind of how you run your business and the way we optimize operations or at least the way we kind of group the functional capability or the the application area if the product is and do largely four buckets one of them is the finance area which is covered by accounts receivable accounts payable cash management bank management and fixed assets then we've got fairly deep manufacturing capability so if you're a manufacturer and you want to run your manufacturing operations on Dynamics 365 we can do discrete manufacturing process lean mixed mode and a bunch of different stuff as well in the application on the other side we've got deep supply chain management capabilities including warehouse management and transportation management as well and then finally we've got a set of capabilities for retailers as well where you can run your store operations as well as essentially any channels on dynamic 365 as well so finance and operations is our is our affectionate name for all the capabilities that is kind of bundled together in it and that can prbusiness value and kind of the capability for you to run your operations why we're really proud of finance and operations is really how we've gone about building the product and the service if you will one of the core things that we did as we moved from AX 2022 and AX 2022 to finance and operations for those that either are using it or have experience with our prior product is we obviously completely redid the platform for it to be a cloud native application from a SAS perspective when we brought it over to Dynamics 365 however at the same time we actually brought over the depth and the breadth of the application logic entirely almost entirely the breadth of the application logic that we had in our ax 2022 version on to the cloud version as well so customers that actually wanted cloud as an offering or ERP as a SAS service can benefit from the depth of the application that they were used to or we had in AX 2022 we didn't do that in a piece in fashion that some of our competitors are doing it and that allows you to be able to get it on a benefit from finance and operations just out of the gate the other thing that we have now started doing is continuous updates so we've come up with a implementation model on an extension model that still allows you and preserves full adaptability to what you would like the application to do in case we don't meet all your business requirements out of the box so you can extend it and enhance it and add I is V solutions we've got a really robust ecosystem of IV solutions that take what we have and kind of create either vertical specific solutions or solutions that can address business needs out of the box for you we've come up with an implementation model that allows you to both enhance and leverage the ice visa yet protect you from having to go through costly upgrade cycles when we release updates from a Microsoft perspective and that's a continuous update piece so you can stay essentially on an evergreen ERP with the right commitments from us that it'll be backward compatible to any updates that we do there's gonna be no breaking changes and if they're breaking changes will obviously issue the right amount of notification for you to be for you to be able to do any refactoring that you have to do so that continuous update is it's extremely important particularly in the cloud.

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