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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 2220 Refunds

Instructions and Help about How Form 2220 Refunds

Hi sign engines in the last video we found a bunch of random numbers and symbols and we needed you guys's to help us decode it and using the decoder wheel a bunch of you guys have told us in the comments that it turned out to be Mount Charleston yeah we and we double-checked we typed in the coordinates on the computer here and you can see it did lead us to Mount Charleston which is in Nevada alright Chad let's go into Tesla and drive there and save Daniel Chad what No yeah there's no amount I wonder if Daniels there that's gotta be it cuz in his video he was laying on top of a pile of snow I think Daniels in front of us right there giving the hackers in that car that car yeah usually they're Gravatar though don't they wait V there's Daniel there's Daniel I mean that's a deer that's the same to the Daniel head excuse me dear lead us to Daniel I think they're leading us toward anulus let's follow them yeah okay we got to turn this way towards where they're going okay this is exactly where Daniel is gonna be okay guys we are here in Mount Charleston it is super cold I think daniel has to be here somewhere if this place is huge okay alright guys look at this know it yeah look at the road ahead of us it's pretty tough road I don't see no road if we better split up to go look for him okay okay camera let's go alright alright guys keep an eye out for Daniel let me know in the comments if you see him I think he's wearing his dress shirt that's white I mean it's cold out here so he might be wearing a jacket so I'm not quite sure exactly what to look for but keep an eye out for me okay alright oh look at this guys look at this tree oh my god is writing on it I wonder if this is Daniel trying to leave me clues ha ma are mahram island let's see JH are who do what that mean D Oh Daniel alright guys let me know if you think Daniel is the one that's leaving me these messages I'm not quite sure if it's him but there's a couple more trees that I think we should check out to see it with the clues from Daniel alright yeah so there's here some more clues maybe maybe Daniel is talking I can't be huh what is this one right here this looks like a bird this looks like a mat maybe like is this the hacker like wearing the mask I can't tell but let's see what's going on huh there's a tree over here too so let's check that out hey check check alright let's see here oh three can't tell alright guys some of these clues on the trees are a little hard to tell you know maybe they're just visitors carving their names onto the tree cuz sometimes people carve their initials on there so maybe it's not from Daniel so let's just continue on to see if we can find him I keep hearing this buzzing noise there's a drone up there way up there right there you see it right there oh my gosh I think it's coming closer I think it's gonna be closer let's hide guys let's hide do you see that right there that's not a piece of snow or ice let's get a little closer to see what that is oh it's so close oh no oh gosh but you you guys you guys look at this this is part of a shirt right here it's a collar it looks very similar to what Daniel is always wear so I think he's definitely around here somewhere we're getting so close so Daniel I don't know if he's still wearing his shirt because a piece of it is off we found his buttons at the Venetian so he's like losing a lot of clothing item so I'm not quite sure what he's wearing right now hopefully a winter jacket because it's very cold out here but oh look there's an arrow pointing to the left right here see what's on this way oh no it's just a bunch of trees look there's some major footprints right here like there yeah it's a lot bigger than mine hopefully it's Daniels it's also kind of good because then since I don't have snow boots on I just go over the path of this SOI I'm kind of protecting my feet a little bit this one's a big step okay this one here oh it stopped so let's look around to see if there's any fitting clothes whoa look at this you guys there's our handprint is that a note let's check out what's on this note here okay I am writing to confirm my acceptance to project Zerg oh I feel confident that I can make a significant contribution to the organization once again and then a signature do you guys know who might be rejoining project zargo you know maybe the signature right here is a clue do you guys recognize that at all you know let me know in the comments who the signature is from so I wonder who it is if it's any of our like our friends or any of the youtubers wait by the tree behind me what is this happening that's both a what said a hacker Bianchi oh my gosh that right there the only movie oh my gosh okay are you ready to do this I'm gonna tell me Jace have never I'm not gonna let them get away okay are you guys ready hey Norville stop Hey yeah wait where do they go don't go all right you guys keep an eye out are they.

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