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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 2220 Reserved

Instructions and Help about How Form 2220 Reserved

Music the American Dream there's a reason that call it a dream who's there cockadoodledoo pow no no no no my job sucks right now please you can't take my house is that your signature just tell me work something out okay I mean you set up a good credit guy right Music hardly is that you bet allowed abs is a fourth-grade machine there's no need to concern yourself with my stand accomplishments best Gideon there's not much time Oh Bank can't gonna help you now towel in the truck just set of balls put them on you gonna need them no pile you are I'm here to show you how Music submitted for your approval one First National Bank what is a bank you ask a curious place where both space time and irony exist and yet don't are you gonna be doing that the whole time pay attention in tile exhibit a those who have come to deposit and safely store their earned monies Exhibit B those who need to borrow send money for purposes unknown hey there go Exhibit C the bank only has so much money in the vault to lend out to people such as you hey hey that's the guy he took my house really screwing my vibe here pal space-time continuum he can't hear you just let me narrate now where was I mm-hmm so you see by the time he got to you pile his bank was out of month but he gave me lots of money and charged me a lot of interest yes that's the only way banks make money by making debt loans debt equals money pile remember that debt equals money the more loans they make the more money they make but if they don't have any money then where did my money come from you're gonna want to take a step back whoa no way yes way and that's nothing hey buddy need somebody do that oh they did exactly that pile remember banks make money by making loans by selling debt even to bad credit risks buddy dude just sign here hmm I called it free money yeah that's exactly what my loan guy told me free money but it ain't free the worst part was offering money to people who don't even need it people power like you I was happy here I didn't need it why is he sad he's making all that money Shh he's thinking now wait for it wait for it II go see the baggage shown to everyone in town but to make more money they have to load even more more look I mean it's gonna be okay everything's gonna be okay what now now what power with all this money we might as well oh this is awesome I needed to get my head clear when I get back I'm gonna straighten all this out I just hope dream is doing okay I'm dying to get you my pretty you put it on his tab little something sale if I got this money from the bank and the bank got it from the Federal Reserve dug tracks free of this excuse me while I why am I wearing a burglar bikini top because no one is allowed inside the thing not you not me no American citizen don't leave the elected member of our Congress not the supreme goat not the Supreme Court not the Supreme Court not the Justice Department not the CIA dia FBI atm meaty and easy not even g.o.d how come the government isn't allowed inside its own building government Wow the Fed is a private bank owned by private stockholders do not let the name Federal fool you this plays about as federal as Federal Express a private bank private let's - keep your voice down Val this is Ethan Federal Reserve hey Bill here first national hi there bill how are ya good good we're running a little low on buddy no problem how much you need oh how does sweaty million sound what excellent we'll ship it over first thing tomorrow you can just call up the Fed and ask for more money and they give him whatever they want no pile the Fed don't give the bank's money the Fed loans the bank's money the banks have to pay it back with interest come on time to go I still don't understand where does the Fed get their money I mean if they're a private bank you said they're a private bank right okay so who puts money into the Fed Bank Music this is Mel United States Mint I am L first national needs another 20 millas keep making love it's got to keep the money flowing what's so wrong about the Fed printing money because it's unconstitutional pi I'm Treasury is supposed to create all money but now the fan controls the printing of America's money nobody gets a friggin dollar that the Fed didn't print so they print the money then they loan it to the government then they charge the government interested in the government taxes you to pay for it wake up I go I don't see what the big deal is you know you're right pal wait wait I am yeah I forget how effective they are at keeping you ignorant do you even know what money is Music in the long long ago people bought it they treated things they had some things they wanted I'll treat you my raspberries for that bear Papa I don't want your berry oh sweet berries they're not sweet they're all that I don't like berries no as you can see this modern situation created some problems then one day a goldsmith walked up and said Wow everybody thinks gold is valuable so why doesn't everybody trade gold for things they need price is set for gold and now was very easy to conduct commerce.

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