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Instructions and Help about How Form 2220 Summary

Brave new world is about a futuristic society that has tried to create a perfect community where everyone is happy they use science to mass-produce people and condition them to do and want only the things they're supposed to but in doing that they take away freedoms like the freedom to think for oneself the few characters we see who do think for themselves aren't happy so the novel poses a question is it better to be happy or free the book starts with the director of the central London hatching and conditioning center explaining to a group of students how they create people since women don't actually get pregnant anymore ex are fertilised and then undergo a process that causes the fertilized eggs to divide they can get up to 96 identical twins from a single fertilized egg this way the director brings the group into one of the conditioning rooms nurses lay out flowers and books and then bring in a group of babies then they shock the babies through an electrified strip in the floor over time the babies will learn to instinctively dislike books and nature these babies are deltas one of the societies lower castes and the lower castes perform non-intellectual jobs like factory work by conditioning the Delta babies to hate books the Society ensures that they won't ever have any desire for them and by conditioning them to hate flowers in nature they'll want to stay near their work in the cities they condition all the castes this way according to what their role will be in the community the group continues into an outdoor garden where several hundred naked children are engaged in erotic play this play conditions the children to grow up feeling comfortable being sexually promiscuous the group runs into Mustapha Mond a very powerful man in one of the ten world controllers he told them what it was like in the past when mothers gave birth to children and people grew up in families an adult still paired off into monogamous couples everyone is really grossed out by the idea of mothers and families the story cuts to Lenina and Bernard Bernard is a psychologist even though he's a member of the highest caste he feels like an outsider because he's smaller and looks different than most men in his caste he likes Lenina but it bothers him that she acts like everyone else he and Lenin are planning a trip to a savage Reservation in New Mexico but tonight she has a date with Henry Foster Lenina leaves for her date and a man named Benito Hoover walks Oh were and talks about how attractive Lenina is Barnard gets annoyed so bonito offers him soma which is a drug that everyone takes to feel happy and kind of stoned Barnard just turns and walks away Barnard picks up his friend Helmholtz Watson Helmholtz feels he has something important inside him that he wants to let out through his writing but he doesn't know what it is or how to write it Barnard in Helmholtz both feel like they're different this shared sense of being different creates a bond between them that night Barnard attends solidarity service which is kind of like church all the people sing hymns together and praise their prophet and await the coming of a greater being the Prophet they're praising is Henry Ford who introduced the assembly line and revolutionized mass production and they all take soma to feel like they're dissolving into one unified whole finally they break out into dance then dim the lights and have an orgy while a voice has a refrain that begins with the phrase orgy porgy Lenina remembers the first time she and bernard went out together he stopped their helicopter over the English Channel to watch the waves below he said the sea made him feel like he was an individual Lenina felt shocked and angry with him so Bernard gave up and took her back to his apartment where they took soma and had sex bernard goes to the director of the hatching and conditioning center to get permission to visit the savage reservation in new mexico the director gets upset and he tells Bernard about his own trip to the reservation many years earlier he went with a woman and on the last day of their trip they rode horses up a mountain after lunch he took a nap and when he woke up she was gone a terrible thunderstorm broke out and the Lightning scared the horses he hurt his knee trying to catch them but they ran off the next day they searched for the woman but she was never found he ends the meeting by telling Bernard he's very unhappy with Bernards behavior and threatens to relocate him to Iceland Bernard and Lenina go to the savage reservation and witness a ritual where a young man must remain silent while he's whipped the square empties out and a young savage approaches Bernard and Lenina unlike the others he's white and he speaks English this savage whose name is John wanted to be whipped to prove he's a man and to sacrifice his body for the village he explains that his mother Linda wasn't from the reservation she had been visiting with a man and while on a walk in the mountains she fell down a ravine and hit her head some hunters from the village found her and carried her back she was already pregnant with John who was born and raised in the village Barnard remembers the director story John takes them to see his mother she's thrilled to see civilized people and tells them how awful it is on the reservation with the women having babies all the time and the people pair off into couples and only have sex with that person outside John tells Bernard about his childhood in the village his mother often got drunk.

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