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Instructions and Help about How Form 2220 Summary

Brave new world is about a futuristic society that has tried to create a perfect community where everyone is happy they use science to mass-produce people and condition them to do and want only the things they're supposed to but in doing that they take away freedoms like the freedom to think for oneself the few characters we see who do think for themselves aren't happy so the novel poses a question is it better to be happy or free the book starts with the director of the central London hatching and conditioning center explaining to a group of students how they create people since women don't actually get pregnant anymore ex are fertilised and then undergo a process that causes the fertilized eggs to divide they can get up to 96 identical twins from a single fertilized egg this way the director brings the group into one of the conditioning rooms nurses lay out flowers and books and then bring in a group of babies then they shock the babies through an electrified strip in the floor over time the babies will learn to instinctively dislike books and nature these babies are deltas one of the societies lower castes and the lower castes perform non-intellectual jobs like factory work by conditioning the Delta babies to hate books the Society ensures that they won't ever have any desire for them and by conditioning them to hate flowers in nature they'll want to stay near their work in the cities they condition all the castes this way according to what their role will be in the community the group continues into an outdoor garden where several hundred naked children are engaged in erotic play this play conditions the children to grow up feeling comfortable being sexually promiscuous the group runs into...