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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 2220 User

Instructions and Help about How Form 2220 User

Hello this is Gigi from GG's Channel today I'm going to show you the benefits of using data form to enter data in excel this will be very helpful for anyone who needs to enter data into large excel spreadsheet when the ROI of data is very wide and requires repeated horizontal scrolling consider using a data form to add edit find and delete rows so how we are going to make it there are two steps involved for this process the first step is we have to select any of the cell and then insert and and insert we are going to insert a table and make sure we have everything selected where is the data of your table starts with a 1 all the way to j-3 and also make sure select my table has headers check in that always make sure do that so that is already done the first step is done so now we are going to do the important step so go to file under file we see menu menus but click on to options and we are going to customize a ribbon here I will show you what is that so right now V these are the popular commands in the excel and we are going to add a new command commands not in the ribbon and we are going to take one of these here and move to this tab right customize the ribbon so before we do that we need to add a new tab here so we need to add a new tab and the new tab is going to be we have to rename it that tab is going to be data entry and data entry and click OK and right now there is one is nothing but here it's going to be everything is see whatever you see here is the main tab and under the main tab if you look at design there are table names amar is the table pivot table like that and we are going to create one more group and that group is going to be the data entry form so but you can always put any other name but for your easy recognition it's better to put a name that can organize faster so click on OK so that is done so the next step we need to find the command which command we are looking for we are looking for form ok writes form form is right here and we are going to add that form to the data entry form add it and then click OK so that is created where is that this is a dead end ring and here is the form now we are going to add more data here so click on to one of the cells and click on the form and we already have some information here if you scroll down you could see the second row Steve Williams and how we are going to add a new row here we just click on to new and we are going to put the teacher's name first name jolly and the teacher last name marco student first name is paul student last name Williams and he's in second grade and his address is 12 8 4/7 dryland road and his city is Baltimore and Steady's Maryland and the zip code is to 0 Phi 1 1 that is phone number is 1 2 3 8 4 4 5 6 3 1 that's already added here so if we need to enrich just scroll it down and that information is already added so this is on row number 4 if we have that information here and now later we find that found out that there is a mistake maybe there is a typo in any of the row how we are going to do that we need to find it because you know if there are so many data in this sheet maybe 200 rows 100 rows how we are going to find it so we need to go to criteria to find the data and we are going to put a teacher first name as Joe Lee Jo lly and enter and the Joe Lee Marco it's already there and now we need to edit it like we need to make some changes here how we are going to make some changes on the student last name it was supposed to be William but we made a typo it came us Williams how we are going to do it you just need to take off that yes and that is going to be change that's already done so that's it all other things in the menu you know that new if you want to enter a new data and find previous if you want to find the previous name finest criteria easiest for search and then close it that's it that's about data form once again thank you for watching this video.

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