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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Adjusted

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Adjusted

Music hey guys I'm dr. Joseph Cipriano and today our patient is experiencing some neck pain after doing motion palpation in certain orthopedic tests we've brought it down to the specific areas in her neck that need to be adjusted so today we're going to be doing on a seated cervical adjustment as you can tell I'm laterally flexing the head rotating it towards me and then the slight pull for the adjustment there we go and how was that yeah happy customer next video we're going to show the thoracic and then from there doing the lumbar spine we're going to be doing the thoracic adjustment patient comes in with pain to the mid and upper back region so I'm going to be showing a series of adjustments so we can really clear out the thoracic spine difference what I'm going to have you do I'm going to have you lay face down on the table for me okay start off we're coming up to the t1 junction here get this nice adjustment yeah go right to the thoracic spine here so I'm gonna have you do take a deep breath in and blow it all the way up one more time deep breath in blow it all the way out perfect today we're going to be doing a left SI side posture maneuver patients been experiencing left-sided left-sided SI joint pain also with some sciatic pain going down into the her left leg as well so what I'm gonna have you doing will help you lay on your side and face me please have you bend this top leg yeah have you come a little bit closer to me here good we can set this arm right there oh my gosh oh that's what she needed today we're going to be doing a y-axis distraction technique so as you can tell I have the patient she's leg down knees bent off the table and from here we are going to get her into position so if I can have you lift your head up and we're going to bring this under and around we're going to have the y-axis strap we're going to have this on the base of her neck right hand side on the base of her occiput from here we're going to traction out in the y-axis once she is to tension that's when we do a slight pull as it thrust there we go how was that really good how far down did you feel that going it went down to about my shoulders Music Applause Music.

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