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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Adjustment

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Adjustment

Hi I'm mark with the North Shore commercial door comm I'm going to have a little Tech Talk this afternoon today's talk is going to be on the Chamberlain family of operators the Chamberlain manufacturing company manufactures garage door openers and related products under the brand name of Chamberlain Liftmaster Sears craftsman reynor and over time there's been a host of other private label name brands that they've used all of the parts and components that go into the operators are the same and in most instances the part numbers for all the components inside of the same also so it makes it very simple for us to sell to you replacement parts one of the high value high value but high usage parts that we sell is the control board and the control board is known by different names some people call Control Board PC board motherboard by any name it is the computer driven type board that controls the functions of the operator specifically it controls the open closed and stop of the motor it controls the radio controls it controls the safety devices and it controls the push-button mounted on the wall inside of your garage you can have a failure of the control board and lose any one of those four functions that I just mentioned or you can have a catastrophic failure and lose all of four functions at one time there is no definitive answer if asked what causes a control board to fail the thing I can tell you with certainty as we know that they do not like voltage spikes and the number one cause for voltage spikes is a lightning strike nearby so if your operator worked one day and it didn't work the next and you've had a good old-fashioned thunderstorm it's a pretty good indication that Mother Nature has taken out your troll board so the first thing that you have to do is decide is it in fact the control board quickest way to do that is to consult your instruction manual in the back there's a troubleshooting guide which will give you a number of tests that you can run on the operator and you should be able to definitively tell whether the board is burnt up or not once you know that it's a board then you have to go about the process of selecting a new board I want to caution you that you don't want to buy a board because of what it looks like within the Chamberland family of operators they offer 40-plus boards so each board is specific to the operator at hand so you got to do your homework and do it well if you want the outcome to be well so what I'm going to recommend that you do is a stepladder out get up to the operator and you're going to look on the back of the operator or the side in this case this is a control board this is a light socket there would be a light in here and in normal circumstances you'd have a light lens covering this you remove the light lens and if you look on here there's a legend and the part number is clearly printed there the number for boards all start with 41 a and then give you another set of numbers so you want to find that number and record it there's another board of a little different design again we normally have a light socket over it in a lens cover of some type and if you look there you're going to see the 41 a number that tells you what board number that is now once you have found the part number the next thing you can do and it's the quickest and the easiest way to do business with us if you go to our website and next to our name there's a search area type the number of the board into the search area and press the Search button and the computer will do the rest it should take you right to that particular board at one time or at this time it's important to note to you that from time to time Chamberland makes an upgrade to the board and when they do an upgrade to the board the last digit of the part number when it is in letter form may change and that change would signify that there's been an upgrade or a change or a running change or improvement to that board so if you type in the correct board number hit the search button you can rely on the board number that comes up as being the correct board for you all you have to do at that point in time then is order the board follow the directions on it and install it you should be able to put the operator back into proper use one of the other things that you may run into on the Sears board if you notice this is the circuit board and then there's a plastic frame or casing that comes in in some instances on the Sears Operator this plastic case is going to be a different shape than what comes out of the box when you get it the board will be the same if this is happens to you then all you have to do is remove the fasteners from the board take the old board out of the old frame put the new board in the new frame install it follow the directions put it back to work and you should be good to go I hope that's made it easy for you to understand how to buy a circuit board all of our employees have been trained to help you if you can't find the board that you need you can't follow the reference guide and the other information that we have on our website there's also.

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