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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Applicable

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Applicable

What's up everybody welcome back to my channel today we're taking out the trash alright so you guys sent the title you saw the thumbnail crickets please now I've been getting a lot of requests since I've started my youtube channel to use makeup I don't like now this started out as the concept of just cleaning out my Beauty room so I have done a lot of giving away lately I get so much PR so much free makeup I buy a lot of makeup a lot of it is about to expire it already has there's just a lot of junk laying around like I know I've never done a Beauty room tour which will come later this year I think I promise I hope I have like three Beauty rooms okay now I have makeup from ten years ago in drawers I'm talking like old Mac lipsticks when I used to work there like in the vault I have stuff I haven't seen in forever so I started to just clean my Beauty room and then I donated a lot of PR to a lot of women's shelters in Los Angeles a lot of my friends a lot of people in need that just need makeup I started there and then I went to like the vault and I went there stuff that I really wasn't feeling anymore so in today's video you're gonna see stuff from maybe old friends maybe old brands I used to live for and brand owners have degraded me we were gonna see products of brands I just really don't care about anymore that aren't interesting and just some products that I've tried on my channel and they just didn't work for me so today is not about drama it's about telling the truth and trying out stuff maybe giving it a second try before it goes in the trash now if something is expired you should throw in the trash I get a lot of people like will give it to me girl and on my garage the foundation has expired I don't want to give it to anyone that I like girl stop so if you did not know this on every single item of makeup including my own you legally have to put this little icon jar here let's grab something that I actually like Urban Decay all nighter spray so on every single thing we're gonna zoom in here with the lens and as this tiny little jar as a consumer you may not notice that or you may go I don't ever even knew what that was this is called the period after opening so after you open up a product this is how long that it is allegedly allowed to be used for so let's even grab something of mine or even a this is a guy literally just using or being a pallet the other day so if you go here the Jarrah says 18 months on the shadow so every item it's kind of like a suggestion now to me a lot of stuff like powders don't really go bad as fast as like primers and foundation so anyway we're getting some stuff that is about to expire if you have a lot of stuff in your collection that is expired it's okay but if it looks a little discolored if it smells weird throw it away girl so without further adieu God let's say silent prayer let's dive into this video all right let's start off with a bang and now I used to actually live for this primer this is the Too Faced hangover replenishing a face primer now a lot of you are probably bled hmm what do you mean Geoffrey we don't really ever see you use toothpaste on this channel well that's because I don't ever review or use two-faced on my channel anymore I used to actually live for their brand yes in collaboration with Too Faced which has been one of my favorite brands for the last ten years just so you know but last year I defended tart with a little makeup scandal video oh this looks kind of nasty can we zoom in on that Jesus Christ I'm like has mine cursed looks a little too yellowy this is definitely expiring Imus I'm afraid to put this on my face but here goes nothing so if you guys did not know someone named Jared used to be the owner of two-faced he sold his brand to Estee Lauder now last year he and his sister said some horrible things about me because he was degrading the brand tart and I'm like honey you did not invent unicorns I know you think you do and you're very entitled and you think that you run the world you don't come back to earth so it started a huge social media fiasco if you will I'm gonna show some screenshots all over the screen in a minute and Jared the old owner but still creative director of the brand really went in on me and him and his sister who I don't know if she has anything to do with the brand or if she just uses him for money but she said that my brand was clown makeup okay and they said a lot of other horrible things about me now Estee Lauder had to ask them to shut up which I don't know if that was ever told on record and they finally left me alone I'm sure after this video they're gonna probably continue to degrade me but actually they used to love two-faced and I was a huge fan in high school I was wearing their stuff in 12th grade and it's just crazy when you can become a competitor and someone big on social media where intern years later when one of your favorite brands doesn't like you or they say horrible.

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