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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Attach

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Attach

Hey it's Bjorn from dopey Learning Lab in this video I'm going to show you how to add a reCAPTCHA form to your contact form seven forms now if you've had a contact form 7 for a while you may know that you used to use really simple CAPTCHA as the the recommended method to add captions to contact form 7 that has now changed and the recommended method is reCAPTCHA because the old method had a bunch of limitations the good news is you don't need to add another plugin the bad news is you do have to go get something called API keys from Google Google is the creator of reCAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA actually does some really cool stuff that i'm going to quickly show you and then i will show you how to implement that on your website so here we are on the WordPress dashboard to get to the reCAPTCHA section if you have contact form 7 stalled already which you should if you're watching this video you should have a contact form link right here if you don't have contact form 7 installed yet I've got a link below this video to show you how to do that and how to configure it so we're going to assume you already have it installed and you have a contact form believe maybe not creatively at least 7 you have an idea for contact form so when we hover over contact there's a link called integration we click on that on the page that loads you'll see there's only one option for integration right now and that is reCAPTCHA and there's a handy link up here where we can go to get the CAPTCHA API keys which are going to get right now and then when we have them we'll click on configure keys to enter them into our website so let's click on this link I'm going to open it in a new tab I'm going to quickly tell you about the cool stuff that recapture does that you probably didn't know so the new version of you CAPTCHA often users will only see a form like this that you see here where there's a checkbox that says I'm not a robot I don't actually have to enter a CAPTCHA that's because Google has a risk assessment algorithm I think they call it to determine whether you are likely to be a human or robot and if Google isn't sure then it will show a CAPTCHA whereas if it's really sure that you are human they'll just show a checkbox and if we scroll down to the very bottom of this page you can read through this information if you want but at the very bottom we've got the cool stuff that reCAPTCHA does so on this I just click the Ford button on the slideshow basically what this the same is stuff that Google has inside of Street View and inside of their Maps app that they're not entirely sure if it's correct they will create a CAPTCHA from that and have a human solve that CAPTCHA on a website and then in that then using that method make their Google Maps information more precise they're not gonna ask you for locations of stuff but just the the spelling of things and stuff like that another thing it does apparently I don't quite know how it does it but they have captions designed on or based on complex questions that are having trouble figuring out and they package those in the images that can be solved by real humans as CAPTCHAs are and use that to improve artificial intelligence and the last thing it does is Google is digitizing I think they plan to Desai's all the books in the world which is not an easy thing but they use computers to read the books and if there are words that the computer is unsure about or that's likely not correct they create recaptures from those words which are then solved by humans and then used to improve the quality of their digitized books so that's some pretty cool stuff you may not have known that reCAPTCHA does it's not just about solving a random set of characters in a website anymore it's actually helping do stuff which is pretty cool so when we're done lollygaggin we can click on get reCAPTCHA in the top right corner and if you don't have a Google account yet you'll have to create one or sign into your Google account it's really simple to do it just a couple fields they ask for and then you get a Google account that you can sign in to get this so what we want to do is fill out this short form field here and there's three fields and there's their explains so we have the label field and I guess new example for example your domain name.com : comments page so I'm gonna put in WP PhD comm : contact form and this is used for say in the future if you make many recapture forms this will help you identify which form exactly this recapture API that you're creating is for so then we have our on the next line we have domains so I'm just just putting on a one domain and then we have owners where we enter the owner email address and I'm just going to type in vo/nat WP Learning Lab comm and that is not the email address I'm currently signed into Google with so we'll see if this will let me do that let me click on register and that works so you can enter any email address you want in there and on this page here there's a bunch of things that they give you we only need to focus on this first one called keys the site key in the secret key but if you want to do some.

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